Flickr 3.0 Versions roll out for iOS and Android

Flickr-logoNew Delhi, India, April 26, 2014: Flickr owned by Yahoo has released new versions for the iOS and Android. This release is in tune with the redesign of the Flickr website and the android app which offers one terabyte of storage space to its users. Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo has marked a re-design-ception by bringing the Flickr 3.0, a new Flickr redesign, essentially a redesign of the original redesign.

Flickr 3.0 is expected to increase the popularity and earmark more registered users inciting heavy uploads. The 3.0 version will make Flickr faster and easier to capture, share and discover beautiful photos and videos. The Flickr app has 14 filters that users can enhance their photos by Yahoo’s most recent in-add editing tool.

The Flickr 3.0 also helps users capture and edit up to 30 seconds of HD video using the same filters available for photos. The app provides a smarter, faster and personal search experience, what was once three seconds per search in the past is not 30 milliseconds. The free-to-download Flickr 3.0 offers 1000 GB of storage or 5000 photos. Simpler navigation tools and a redesigned photo stream makes is easier to go social on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Flickr claims that the new UI is designed for quick sharing and service. Other features include Auto Sync. feature which allows users to upload original quality images from the smart phone directly to the Flickr account. It will allow them batch-editing to organize Flickr images and videos into albums. Users will also have the privacy settings along with delete option with the privilege of showing search results based on groups, time, date and location.

Vice President of Flickr Bernardo Hernandez said, ‘Here at Flickr, we’re focused on making the best possible products to capture, manage, share and discover photos – creating an amazing window into your world. Building these products and cultivating our amazing photography community has been our mission since Flickr started 10 years ago. We want Flickr to be your favorite experience no matter where you are. Today we’re delighted to release completely new versions of Flickr for iPhone, iPod touch and Android’.

The new Flickr apps are free and available to download for Android in the Play Store, and for iPhone and iPod touch in the App Store.

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