Docuvity integrates their DMS with Tally ERP solution to introduce T-Connect

Tally-logoBangalore, India, January 29, 2014: Docuvity from Praxeva India, a leader in document management services announced the integration of their ‘Document Management Software’ with Tally ERP to introduce T-Connect, a solution designed for finance professionals. Docuvity’s T-Connect provides a range of benefits including automated storage of documents as per the company name and document type, any transactional changes on Tally to seamlessly reflect in the Document Mangament Software. Easy retrieval of documents, anytime, anywhere, is one of the main features of T-Connect, which is also in line with the core product attributes of Tally ERP.

In most financial departments, Tally ERP is used extensively to record the financial expenses and income of companies. These financial documents pile up and tend to get lost in the system over time. When a specific document is required, it may take a while to search all the files and folders to retrieve it. Hence, the need arises for the hugely popular Tally software to integrate with an efficient document management system.

Any document which is uploaded is automatically sorted into its specific folder and these folders are created based on the requirements of the user. With T-Connect, you can be rest assured that your documents will remain safe, secure and accessible at all times.

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