Maybe the secret to interesting chats and conversations is having the Facemoji app

In the present world, there is no dearth of social networking sites and messengers. We are constantly snapping, blasting away messages on Facebook messenger, our WhatsApp keeps buzzing throughout the day, and even Instagram is populated with DMs. Although there are a number of avenues for people to talk, chatting somehow has been reduced to a dull activity, lacking inspiration and fun. Conversations often end up dragging, right after the ‘Hey! What’s up’ text. However, with the Facemoji app, one amongst the globally renowned third-party keyboard applications, we can spice up even the most mundane and dull conversations.

Oftentimes, we see ourselves using the same set of emojis. With the overuse of these cutesy characters, the fun, meaning and context are lost over time. Facemoji takes this pain way with its incredible collection of over 1200 Emojis, 1000+ stickers, over 50k kaomoji, endless GIFs and plenty of skins. With so many options, users can obviously get spoilt for choice. However, the fun keyboard application helps users get the right emojis as well. Facemoji enables emoji predictions in over 30 languages. Thus, while simply chatting with the other person, users will see various suggestions of emojis to use and have fun will shooting away the texts.

And as far as shooting away the texts is concerned, Facemoji ensures no delay in texting through a super-smart auto-correct and next word suggestion, in addition to emoji prediction feature. Users can swipe to type or use the auto-complete feature, which would automatically complete the words being typed. If you have been criticized for too many typos or chatting errors, downloading this keyboard application is a must. In addition to fast typing and auto-corrects, users can also customize the colour, fonts and keyboard wallpaper. Keyboard background can be personalized with our own selfies or uploading other images from the gallery. Facemoji also provides countless (quite literally) keyboard themes to match our own style.

Lastly, the keyboard has some set of special features for Indian users. 22 of top local Indian dialects are supported by the keyboard. It further facilitates input in Hinglish and Hindi (abc). The free-to-use app is available on both Android and iOS, at absolutely no subscription charges. Would suffice to say, having Facemoji in your phone ensures there will never be a dull chat, ever! News Service

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