Trending now on Android and Apple-Kids Alphabet Game by Chifro

Chifro ABC appNew Delhi, India, July 2, 2014 : After trending on Android for over a month, Chifro Alphabet is now live on Apple and is trending in more than 50 countries in the games and education category. The alphabet app continues the tradition of game-based design which has come to characterize the apps created by this studio. The user is immersed into the world of a particular alphabet and asked to complete the collage of objects related to that alphabet.

Game designers at Chifro Studio have again come out with a thoughtfully crafted app which invites every kid to explore the world of alphabets at their own pace and then co-create a montage of art-work. Building upon its constructivist approach, this app encourages children to look at the alphabets in their world with a fresh perspective thus fostering deeper neural connections. This is meant to provide a strong scaffolding to the subsequent word-building process in their mind. This application is a practical implementation of personalized learning after an intensive analysis of learning modes, moods, and preferences of its learners. The learners themselves are also given the chance to learn as per their cognitive levels and preferences.

Chifro ABC: Kids Alphabet Game focuses on teaching alphabet to 2-6 year old kids by using puzzles, animation, and phonic voice-overs as the learning tools. A quaint, musical rhyme has also been thrown in for the delight of the learners. However, they reinforce their learning while getting amused through this rhyme.

Learning of alphabet takes place in a manner that can be experienced differently by different learners. This application also allows children to choose their preferences while learning their alphabet. Hence, a child can trace a “W” before an “A.” Infinity is therefore the boundary of learning when it comes to the alphabet of the English language.

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