Improve Real Time Monitoring with POS Software

POS software can help you take command and gain unprecedented control over your company’s IT operations. You can leverage real-time, site-level insight into your software and hardware status from a single screen, letting you take swift action when needed. POS software is equipped with powerful and secure hosted applications so you can solve issues before they have an adverse impact on your site operations and the customer experience.

Features & Benefits

POS software features automated file system access and file transfer capability, hosted applications with real-time monitoring, multi-site server and terminal operations, and simple one-button access to key support actions such as process management, performing queries, transferring files, receiving alerts, performing remote commands, and  obtaining screen shots. The best software features remote control access, instant site screen shots, remote system reboot, audit reports, extensive security protocols, password management, and more.

You gain instant visibility into system performance across the company, including any self-checkout and back-office machines.

Other benefits of using POS software to improve real time monitoring include system design that strengthens security, quick and remote issue resolution, enhanced user accountability, ongoing updates that improve functionality, and easy and secure one-click access to resource status, site systems, and configurations. You also avail of fast ROI from hosted support.

Create Customized Usage Statistics

Retailers can create customized customer usage statistics using card types, dollar amounts, response codes, terminal IDs and transaction types among other data sources. There is continuous transaction monitoring as well as alerts in real time. POS software can reduce transaction slowdowns and failures due to lost host communication or networks and unresponsive applications.

You can deploy transaction monitoring and data streaming without transaction tagging, intrusive agents, extra traffic loads, or modifications to the payments switch. Automated transaction profiling lets you isolate channel management issues related to data link, device, third party connection and underperforming applications in minimal time.

Configure Transaction Risk

Very advanced software improves precision of real-time risk scoring by means of a combination of adaptive machine learning capabilities and real-time transaction intelligence with rules based alerting. You can evaluate transactions in real time, extract behavioral patterns from past card transactions that may indicate potential fraud, and rebuild individual customer models on the fly. Your transaction logs will have query, search, and filter capabilities. Users can do research queries ad hoc and quickly navigate through transaction log data for quicker reporting, troubleshooting, and incident management.

Real Time Data Forwarding and Streaming

You can make transaction data part of your company’s data strategy by using different data access options. Forward statistics and alerts to the channel management, IT performance, analytics, fraud management and cash management systems of choice or stream transaction data in real time.

Multi-hop Topology Mapping and Transaction Correlation

Practice more proactive alerting by correlating application messages, end-to-end response time information, and network communications data for each business transaction or consumer interaction. With POS software, you can also avail of configurable web-based and mobile dashboard displays or customize “one stop” omni-channel management views for IT operations, channel managers, and applications support teams.

Device State Monitoring

Showcase the status and location of each terminal or device, flagging potential security issues such as safe opening without supervision or card reader tamper. You can set up automated scripts or get immediate notification to block offending card transactions at the firewall level or IP address.

Stock control POS software functions are designed to offer an overview of your inventory in real time.
These systems are designed to adapt to your specific business’ management characteristics, working both with tablets, smartphones, and other common mobile devices and with the latest generation of industrial handhelds.

POS software is a highly scalable and flexible monitoring solution. It will monitor stock movements and increase your stock’s profitability.

Real Time Monitoring Casino POS Software

Casinos are part of a highly specific industry. People don’t invest their savings in a casino the way they might a coffee shop or bar. A lot of money flows through them, which is why it makes sense that the most suitable POS solutions for casinos are more complicated than installing an app. A lot of casinos opt for the InfoGenesis POS and InfoGenesis Mobile systems. Specifically in terms of casinos, their selling points include scalability, efficiency, and flexibility. You can add or relocate terminals with minimal fuss. The software has expansive offline capabilities if you should suffer a loss of connection. The companies that offer these solutions claims better system monitoring and reporting.

The award-winning system includes both front and back office. The real-time reporting feature serves to monitor guest spending patterns, making it simpler to capitalize on new opportunities as these emerge. The InfoGenesis Mobile system in particular can integrate with a number of different POS systems to offer even greater flexibility. Casinos can improve their services by integrating POS software and this is far from the only benefit POS software has to offer.

MICROS offers three different POS solutions for casinos at present: MICROS 9700 HMS, OPERA, and Simphony. The first is the most popular POS system in the casino industry at this time. OPERA is a modular solution. Its module OPERA Gaming is widely recognized for its ability to connect to the casino’s Player Tracking System, enabling authorized staff to monitor and control comp expenses, redeem comps in real time, and provide secure access to real-time details on stay histories of guests, guest expenditures, and gaming statistics.

Clearly transactions of this type and similar are particular to a casino and an important reason for a casino owner or manager to invest in a quality casino POS solution specifically targeting the casino industry. OPERA is especially suitable for bigger casinos because the software is highly scalable and offers a great way to connect transactions across the many different aspects making up a casino’s complex structure. Simphony is a hospitality service-oriented POS system that is less frequently used to monitor gambling than it is to monitor sales.

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