3 Effective ways to permanently delete photos from Samsung

Samsung mobile phones are widely sold Smartphones. They are equipped with hundreds of impressive features that make it the first choice for buyers. However, Most of the buyers are not interested in features other than camera so that they can take beautiful and high-quality photos. But, there is a storage limit beyond which you cannot save photos otherwise you will have to remove some other data to make space for them. No matter how much storage space you have, still sometimes you need to delete photos from your Samsung mobile. Moreover, if you are selling it then it becomes even more crucial to erase the photos.

However, whether you want to delete them for this reason or any other reason you should know how to do that. In this short guide, you will learn 3 different and effective ways to erase all the unnecessary photos from your device. These ways are effective on other devices as well so don’t worry about the methods to be specific as they are general and common for all devices.

Method 1- Delete Samsung photos from gallery

By default, the pictures you shot from your device’s camera are stored in the gallery of mobile. The gallery is the space where all your screenshots, pictures, and saved images will get space. Deleting, copying or editing them can be easily done here. So, the first method is to manually delete them. Go to a gallery, search for the photo you want to erase, click on delete option and it’s gone. However, the picture is still on your device and recovery software can easily trace it. So, if you want to delete them forever, switch to another method.

3 Effective ways to permanently delete photos from Samsung 1

Method 2Delete photos from Samsung by usingSafewiper

Safewiper for Android is one complete solution for all your need. Which ensures that the operation you perform using its help cannot be recovered. Therefore, this is the best and highly useful method. You need to perform the following steps to use the software. Here, we will guide you about effective software that can perform multiple tasks.

Step1– Installs and run this data eraser software on your device. Connect Samsung device to the computer.

3 Effective ways to permanently delete photos from Samsung 2

Setp2– Chooses to erase all data and it will erase the existing photos. Let the program scan the device.

3 Effective ways to permanently delete photos from Samsung 3

Setp3– The program will arrange the files category wise. Choose all the photos and click check box. Select delete and all your photos are erased forever.

3 Effective ways to permanently delete photos from Samsung 4

Simply deleting the photos is not enough. If you have already deleted the photos before downloading the software then delete them permanently using this software. Choose erase deleted data, let is scan and erase. Carefully select the data otherwise you may end up deleting your useful data.

Method3Delete Samsung photos with factory Reset

This method will permanently delete all your photos from gallery. Go to settings and then select security. Click on a encrypt phone and then wait for a while. It will take some time be patient. Once done just go back to settings, tap on back up and reset and then click on factory data reset. Check the box” erase phone data” or choose “remove from memory card”. Click on reset phone. It’s done.

3 Effective ways to permanently delete photos from Samsung 5


There are 3 methods that can be used to delete your photos for your Samsung , and all i know any recovery tools can used to recover deleted data back , you can test it after you delete data from Samsung ,

Yesterday , i have used the Safewiper to delete photos and text messages from my Samsung  and i have used the recovery tool to scan my phone , these deleted data can not be found , this means that these deleted photos has been deleted from my Samsung completely , as well as listen to my friend , the Safewiper also works well for other phone user , including Song , Htc, Lg ,Huawei and iPhone ,

A effective method or tool can save a lot of trouble and time for user , you can get what you want from here:https://www.safewiper.com/


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