Know more about Stellar Data Recovery: Stellar Blogger’s Meet Update

Stellar Data Recovery is the world’s one of the largest data recovery industry in India and had proved a wide range of data recovery services to various clients across the globe. Stellar has been expert in all kind of Data recoveries which may accidental deletion, Virus Attack, RAID failure or any system crash. They have been the best data recovery service provider for both B2C and B2B consumers around the Globe.

The services provided by Steller are classified into two categories i.e. Consumer And Business. The Consumer Services include the Device Recovery(Laptop, Desktop, Pendrive, SSD Data Recovery), File Recovery(Photo, Email, Database, Video Recovery), Mobile Recovery( Mobile Data, Android/iOS device Data), Data Erasure(BitRaser, Bitraser for File).

The Services provided for Business Include Device Recovery(Hard Data, Flash Data, CCTV/DVR Data, Tally Data, Encrypted Data), Server Recovery(RAID Data, NAS Data, Server Data, SAN Data), File Recovery(Ransomware, Photo, Email, Database, Video), Data Erasure(BitRaser for Mobile, Enterprise & File).

Stellar has conducted a Bloggers meet in Delhi and our team was a part of the meet. We had a complete factory visit of the organization and they have guided us with the modes of the data recovery. The event was conducted in such a way where we had a complete overview of the product in the presentation addressed by the speakers.

Stellar Bloggers Meet was one of the exciting technology event for Indian bloggers to experience the world’s best Data Care Solutions through live demo zones and get a sneak peek into ISO certified Class 100 Clean Room lab.

Post the presentation we visited the companies work zone where people were working live on Data Recovery. They have got the dedicated team working for different modes of recovery which helps in easy recovery of the lost data. The team has guided us with the overview of their internal tools which they use for data recovery and data erasure. The best thing about the company is that they work with the minute data of their client which may be a small photo or a corrupted video and helps in retrieval of the data.

Steller is good a recovering the data from your damaged Windows OS/ Mac OS and Linux Operation system. In recent times they have helped many organizations to recover data in short span of time. They have recovered the data of many individuals from the recent cyber attacks i.e., WannaCry & Petya.

Stellar has been best at Data Erasure for various clients offering them service in erasing the complete data from used devices at the end of the Life Cycle. They have build a dedicated software which provides secure erasure solution along with audit trails helping clients in safeguarding the data privacy.

They have got dedicated software for data recovery which includes windows data recovery, mac data recovery, photo recovery and content recovery on a smartphone(Android/iOS). They have got few open source tools which help in basic retrieval of the data and is available for download on their website.

Post the event there was an interactive Q&A session where had direct interaction with the Stellar’s Data Recovery team and companies Head. The Stellar Data Recovery Software is available for purchase with 1 Year Licence on their Official Website costing around Rs 5999 for Professional Version, Rs 7999 for Premium Version and Rs 15339 for Premium Version. If you would like to use the Stellar Data Recovery Tool then you can get the tool for a special discount by referring them with our Website.

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