4 Ways AI can transform the way you gamble

Soon, everything you do on the internet will be fed to an AI for improving services and create a personalised experience. Artificial Intelligence is already becoming an integral part of every technology evolution we’re seeing today, and the gambling industry is not going to be left behind.

Unique player profiles, robot croupiers, and cheat proofing are only some ways we can expect AI to change the way we gamble.

  1. Customer Predictability for gambling companies

Casinos and the gaming industry already understand the value of collecting marketing data from various online sources, but they struggle to manage it and, in turn, make perfect use of it. However, AI can make data collection and analysis much more streamlined for the gambling industry.

This customer data can be used to get around the problem of patrons being highly unpredictable in the gambling sector. Since it is hard to estimate the contribution of a customer to the company’s baseline, AI can boost profits, facilitate greater stability, and improve planning, all greatly contributing to a company’s income.

Besides AI, you can boost your profits also by availing attractive casino bonus offers in casino games.

  1. Smarter Casino Staff

You might be used to a human dealer in your live casino games, but what if the next time you join a table, you find a robotic voice greeting you? Nowadays, one person acts as a dealer at the live casino table; they crack jokes and sometimes answer players’ questions.

But robot croupiers can do much more. They can talk to you, suggest things, and offer to help you in any way possible throughout the game, and they can do all this better since they already have your information from your profile.

  1. Levelling the field

In comparison with brick-and-mortar casinos, online casinos face a huge disadvantage when it comes to monitoring games for unfair play. While in a real-world scenario, casinos use everything from CCTV cameras to eagle-eyed security staff to prevent illegal methods like card counting in Blackjack, players in online games are a blind spot for the companies. Some players even use AI to cheat their way to victory, using software that can count cards for them.

When AI is incorporated into gambling, you might have to think twice before you involve yourself in illegal play. AI will monitor your moves, easily detect malpractice, and ban your account before you get an opportunity to “explain” yourself. This will create a level playing field for players that abide by the rules and stay on the right side of the law.

  1. The curious case of Problem Gambling

In all the above applications of AI, it is clear that companies will benefit more from its development than players. But there is a ray of hope that casinos may use AI to combat problem gambling. Gambling has been proven to be addictive, and many organisations around the world are working hard to make it easy for addicts to seek help.

But casinos themselves may be the key to eliminate problem gambling. They can use massive amounts of data at their disposal to detect problem gambling in its early stages. Some game developers are implementing audited solutions within their systems that will identify the patterns and triggers that lead to the problem.

In closing, AI has the potential to transform the gambling industry in ways it is impossible to fathom in its entirety, but every gambler should embrace the evolution with open arms.


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