3M Launches Interactive 55-Inch Multi-Touch System and Display

3M India announces the launch of its range of 55 inch Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch displays in India. The interactive system is first in India to support 60 simultaneous touches providing new opportunities for multi-user collaboration and information delivery for a wide variety of large-format display applications. 3M’s latest technology puts its users to an advantage as it is more durable, has a faster response and is more accurate compared to other technologies present in India at the moment.

R Vijay Kumar, Country Business Leader, Electronics and Energy Business Group, 3M India Ltd, said, “The 3M 55 inch touch display employs unique technology using toughened glass as a touch sensor which enables enhanced aesthetics like full flat front surface designs’. This product also allows for 60 simultaneous touches for a natural unhindered multi-user interactive experience for many applications like interactive digital signage, assisted selling and command and control operations. A 10 millisecond response time further enhances the user experience, providing a more responsive experience as compared to some infrared and optical based touch displays. This product will further strengthen 3M’s position as a technology leader in the Touch market in India.”

Key features of 3M 55-inch Multi-Touch Display

Stylish look and feel: The 55 inch Touch Screens use a glass-to-the-edge, bezel-free design for a modern appearance, essential for brands seeking to deliver a consistent, high-end customer experience. A glass, antiglare touch surface provides a high-quality look and feel, while maintaining viewability in bright, indoor environments.

Flexible design options: Portrait, landscape and tabletop modes offer flexibility in orientation to meet a wide range of application requirements. The unit includes multiple display inputs, allowing a more appropriate image format to be used without the need for conversion.

Built-in durability: A 4-millimeter tempered-glass touch surface delivers durability for years of use.

Package and component options: The 55 inch display is display is available as a complete, pre-packaged solution for brands seeking a “turn-key” multi-touch display that is out-of-box ready in two form factors – a finished monitor ready to be desk or wall mounted and an open frame chassis that can be dropped into a wall, kiosk or table. It also is available as a projected capacitive multi-touch system (sensor and controller) for OEMs, ODMs and display integrators developing proprietary large-format, multi-touch devices.

3M offers single-touch and multi-touch displays for a wide variety of applications, including casino gaming, food service, hospitality, health care, industrial, interactive digital signage, retail point of sale and information, self-service kiosks, interactive learning in classrooms, and command and control stations.

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