MOVEit 2018 Released with Secure Folder Sharing Collaboration for Sensitive Information

Ipswitch, producer of award-winning and easy to use secure file transfer and network management software, today released MOVEit® 2018, the latest version of the company’s managed file transfer (MFT) solution. MOVEit is used by thousands of organizations worldwide to provide security, traceability and control over business critical-file transfer activities. MOVEit 2018 addresses the need for enhanced security when enterprise file sharing involves sensitive data. The new release also includes new REST APIs for MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation to allow enhanced integration with third-party services and applications and a new drag-and-drop client for Windows and Mac systems. MOVEit 2018 also extends Ipswitch’s SaaS-based MFT solution, MOVEit Cloud, to the European Union (EU).

“MOVEit 2018 enables organizations across multiple industries to drive operating costs to new lows, rollout new data sharing services even faster and offer highly secure, easy-to-use collaboration capabilities to a broader base of users,” said Bill Doll, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Ipswitch.

Enhanced interoperability with other services and applications means more powerful workflows while minimizing manual efforts and development time. New integration capabilities help IT teams develop more powerful workflows faster including inbound REST APIs for performing administrative tasks of MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation and outbound REST APIs that allow MOVEit Automation to easily integrate with third-party applications. PowerShell scripting has also been added to MOVEit Automation. This allows customers to use powerful scripting tools, seamlessly integrated into their MOVEit Automation tasks. PowerShell can also be used to perform general administrative tasks. MOVEit Automation can also now access Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) buckets as native hosts, allowing the use of cloud storage as either the source or destination for transfers.

To address the risk of a data breach through the unauthorized use of email, consumer-grade file sharing solutions to transmit sensitive data, MOVEit 2018 features a new Secure Folder Sharing capability and easy-to-use desktop client. This new functionality allows IT groups to extend the adoption of secure managed file transfer to a broad base of end users through a convenient, easy-to-use file sharing and collaboration capability that assures data security, visibility and audit trails. The new Windows and Mac compatible drag-and-drop MOVEit Client enables encrypted, centrally tracked ad hoc transfer capabilities to all users with zero training.


Ipswitch has also extended its MFT as a service offering, MOVEit Cloud, to the EU enabling an additional General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ready deployment possibility to EU-based customers. Ipswitch has established primary and secondary MOVEit Cloud datacenters on Microsoft Azure public cloud sites located in the EU. Customers can take advantage of the flexibility and OPEX budgeting benefits provided by the cloud without sacrificing any of the security and reliability of MOVEit Transfer.

“Secure and compliant data transfer has become even more critical in today’s complex IT landscape where sensitive data continues to be more widely shared and made accessible externally by organizations,” said Melissa Incera, Associate Analyst at 451 Research. “Businesses of all sizes and government institutions around the world must ensure their data is safely delivered to intended recipients along with a reliable audit trail. Ipswitch is addressing the market need for improved security and easy-to-use enterprise file sharing with MOVEit 2018.”. News Service

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