“Today, governments are embracing the potential of digital transformation to provide superior services cost effectively” – By, Mr. Ranga Shetty, General Manager of Granicus India

Can you introduce Granicus?

Headquartered in Denver, Granicus is the first and only Government technology provider that connects governments to the citizens they serve with an innovative cloud technology platform. The innovation powered by a highly secured platform provides a unified intuitive digital experience with interactions, feedback, record management and transparency. By offering the industry’s leading cloud-based solutions for communications, web content, meeting management, and digital services to over 5,000 public sector organizations, Granicus helps turn government missions into quantifiable realities. Founded in 1999, Granicus is purpose-built with infrastructure, scale, and security to empower the public sectors.

What is Granicus’ vision for India?

The company is committed to building technology and solutions for governments across the world to drive meaningful change for the communities. The India centre will be the hub of innovation that will drive the core product development for Granicus to make world-class products and solutions.

What kind of talent drives Granicus India?

As Granicus India will be a key engineering centre focussing on product innovation that powers our technology solutions, the centre is creating a competitive engineering workplace that attracts and retains world-class talent. Granicus is rooted in its strong culture that treats code as a craft and respects every employee for the expertise and passion they bring to work. We are dedicated to building a world-class collaborative environment that fosters free exchange of ideas, individual accountability, and a fun-filled time at work. Our engineers are experts at building massively scalable, highly secure systems that are purpose built for government and civic engagement. We also are experts at using the massive amounts of data flowing through our systems to derive highly impactful insights using analytics, data science, AI, and ML.

What is the technology and innovation Granicus India is focused on?

Being the unique and number one global GovTech company that connects 280 million+ people across US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to their governments, we are focussed on powering our mission to transform how citizens engage with their governments. The India centre will be a powerhouse of product development and innovation with a strategic team of experts driving this mission. Granicus India will play a key role in expanding product engineering capacity across our product portfolio which includes a citizen interaction and engagement platform, meeting management solutions (including video streaming), citizen self-service and operations management applications, content and digital records management systems. Additionally, Granicus India will also make high-impact contributions to our platform engineering initiatives in the areas of interoperability and data-sharing across our systems which include building a massive scalable, highly fault-tolerant, publish and subscribe infrastructure processing millions of transactions an hour

What are the main challenges in adopting a digital transformation in the public sector?

Today, governments are embracing the potential of digital transformation to provide superior services cost effectively. Digital technologies are, by design, disruptive. They change the way organizations provide services, and the way that people consume them. It’s as true for the public sector, as we have seen it impact the private sector. This presents two challenges:

1) public sector organizations need to embrace the change and advance their digital footprint purposefully,

2) the technologies need to support omni-channel processes that enable even non digital people to benefit from the digitization.

How is productivity improved in the public sector with technology?

Technology in the Public sector continues to impact outcomes profoundly. It has played a consequential role in making government services more accessible, convenient and efficient. Some of the key improvements have been in the following ways:

  1. Streamlining operations– Technology allows users to collaborate effectively, across great distances and the adoption of technological devices, allow them to work almost anywhere. Automation of mundane business tasks allows workers to focus on duties requiring higher attention or supervision.
  2. Increasing efficiencies with approvals and submissions– With the help of technology, decision making is often quicker since more resources are available at the click of a button. It increases the efficiency of work when it comes to approvals and submissions. It also reduces manual effort to get a task done. With a highly secured platform, the dependency on technological expertise is also reduced. Automation also plays a significant role in tackling redundant tasks and reducing manual interventions that may cause delays.
  3. The Power of a Platform– Granicus is more than a portfolio of products, it is a deeply integrated platform where cross-family implementation delivers incremental value, that:
  4. Fulfils promise as a trusted single vendor-of-choice
  5. Allows full adoption at the customer’s pace
  6. Covers every step of the customer’s digital journey
  7. Provides a full set of APIs that ensures interoperability with existing systems – and future proofs the platform.
  8. Interactive two-way channel– A two-way communication channel ensures the user is always connected to the service irrespective of the time or place

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