“We enable people to build a unique wardrobe, and have a variety of well-fitting, quality pieces in their closets”- Mr.Rajesh Goradia, Co-Founder, Vitruvien.com

Mr.Rajesh Goradia, Co-Founder, Vitruvien.com shares his views with technuter.com on online customised shirt:

Co-Founder-of-Vitruvien-Rajesh-GoradiaCould you please tell us about Vitruvien.com? 

Vitruvien was launched in November 2013 with the idea that you don’t fit into a shirt, the shirt needs to fit you! For years now, men have been struggling to fit themselves into standard sizes of readymade shirt-makers and are restricted by the limited choices available. Therefore, by giving men shirts that are perfectly tailored to fit their unique size, we want to make bespoke the choice of dressing for the discerning Indian men.

Deriving inspiration from fashion runways the world over, our designers craft shirts with fabrics sourced primarilyfrom European mills. One can choose from our myriad of styling options right from collars, sleeves, cuffs, right to the smallest button. Our innovative 3D shirt designer allows you to visualize, in real time, how different styles will look, so you can arrive upon the perfect shirt.

With unique measurement profiles, anevolving catalogue of both classic and fashion forward shirts and an unparalleled number of customization options, we have made it easy for men to dress with ease at the click of a button.

What are the latest industry trends in online customised shirts?

Custom clothing is currently a niche, emerging segment, with only a few players operating in the field. In India a few start-ups have launched platforms in this space over the past few years. However, internationally,there are established brands that have their own independent manufacturing operations as well. We believe that, in time, India too will witness a growth trajectory, leading to a robust market like in the West.

While this market may be a niche one now,over time, as online shoppers get more discerning and desire more exclusivity they will naturally progress towards more and more personalization. We’re already seeing a huge opportunity for online retailers in India. A recent survey by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) reveals there has been a whopping 155% rise in online shopping in India over regular shopping as compared to last year (85%).  We expect significant growth in this industry in the future.

What is the USP of ‘Vitruvien.com’ in contrast of other online customised shirt providers in India?

We enable people to build a unique wardrobe, and have a variety of well-fitting, quality pieces in their closets.We believe in bringing international standards of quality custom shirts to Indian consumers at affordable price points.

Any two Vitruvien shirts are rarely alike – they are imprinted with the customer’s personalised style statement. With an extensive range of style options in terms of collars, cuffs, buttons, combined with a revolutionary 3D technology, our customers visualize how different styles will look on a particular fabric, thus designing their own perfect shirt.

Apart from style, our focus on fit sets us apart from others. We offer a unique Fit Guarantee program, where we insure the customer against any fit issues with their first shirt. We will alter the customer’s first shirt free of charge – no questions asked.
Finally, we believe in delivering consistently high quality. Right from the fabric to finish, we do not compromise on quality. Nearly our entire collection is composed of Egyptian Giza cotton fabrics,an extra-long staple cotton so rare that it accounts for less than 10% of the world cotton production.Every shirt is manufactured in our own factory where strong quality control measures ensure that every shirt is of Vitruvien standards.

What is ‘Vitruvien.com’ doing differently to increase its market share in India?

We intend to increase our fabric collection significantly in the near future, providing the customers with a wide range of fabric options to choose from. We also intend to increase our customization options enabling our customers to design their shirts more intricately.

What are your views on impact of e-commerce on Indian economy?

From a buzzword to a current-day reality, e-commerce in India has beenexperiencing remarkable growth, successfully changing the way people transact. As more and more Indians access the internet and become comfortable with credit card purchase, this connected revolution will gather momentum, changing the shape of the economy. Few brick and mortar retailers will be able to sustain themselves in the near future with an offline only strategy.Currently, e-commerce may be simply a growth strategy for many, but, 5-10 years from now, expect it to become a necessity.

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