“The features of Pataa app help delivery guys save time and fuel” – By, Mr. Rajat Jain and Mr. Mohit Jain, Co-founders of Pataa

Co-founders-of-Pataa1). What is Pataa and what motivated you to bring pataa into existence?

Pataa is an addressing app created by Pataa Navigations Pvt. Ltd. We identified this problem of unstructured and unnamed addresses in India during our travels. We realised that it was difficult to locate and share addresses. Apart from this, we observed that most people find it very frustrating when they have to explain an address over and over again to a visitor or delivery guy. Finding a global solution to this day-to-day problem, we built a team of software engineers and intellectuals who have created this amazing App.

2). What are the services that Pataa offers

With Pataa you can say goodbye to all your address explaining and sharing woes forever.

You can create your personalized or customised short code like ^SINGH221, ^KUMAR100, record voice directions in your voice to your place from a close by landmark, add photos of your place, create Pataa extensions which can be shared by each family member or office colleague on the same address. Some locations like campuses or gated communities might have special remarks for visitors, for e.g., basement parking, one way etc. The Pataa app allows the user to add these special remarks so that the visitor has prior information.

The app also provides a live visitor tracking system which enables tracking of food and courier deliveries easy in real time.

The best part is that your personal short code remains the same even if your location changes which means that you don’t need to explain your address again and again.

3). How is Pataa Different from others in the navigation industry?

Most navigation apps use satellite data or data available from maps. The Pataa app is the only app that solves the problem of long and complex addresses, through data that is actually fed by the target audience/user himself, because no one else can describe the best route to their homes than the users themselves.

Pataa believes in reaching out and providing solutions to all sectors of the economy, that is, B2B as well as B2C. We provide end to end compatible addressing and navigation solutions for the industry. Right from manufacturers in the Industrial areas who need bulk deliveries, retailers in the market to E-Commerce service providers and platforms- Pataa is useful to everyone. We feel when each one is benefited with the features we have to offer, it leads to the ease of operating in the entire ecosystem.

The features of Pataa app help delivery guys save time and fuel because they can reach their destination quickly and easily. This gives them an edge as prompt services lead to customer satisfaction and hence retention. At the same time the end users are of equal importance to Pataa, who can easily use the above-mentioned features to share their address and make it easier for visitors to reach them.

Another advantage over other apps is that the Pataa App is also available in Hindi which makes it accessible for people in rural areas. Some of them do not even have an address which makes receiving deliveries impossible for them. With Pataa they can easily procure loans, buy and sell land, farm equipment and do business.

We have already tied up with Emergency services like ambulance which can now reach a person without wasting time and lives can be saved. A similar tie-up with the Police and fire brigade is in the pipeline.

With the Pataa Block Code system the entire globe has been divided into 53 trillion blocks with an accuracy of 3*3 square meters. In other words, this accurate location can be shared with anyone making situations like emergencies easy to deal with.

4) What’s your future Plan to popularize the Pataa app?

We are working towards collaborating with navigation and E-Commerce companies. Our aim is to see the app in the phone of every Indian who can benefit from its phenomenal features. Apart from B2C, our plan is to make the B2B ecosystem more efficient through features like geotagging, navigating and address sharing. Pataa Navigations also has B2G plans to help the Government machinery run smoothly.  Finally, we hope the app will go global and find way into every global citizen’s phone.

5). What are the features you will include in future to make it the best and different from others ?

Our future offerings include:

Drone delivery systems

Autonomous vehicles

Block Code

6) How secure is the user data and what are the security measures that have been taken to make the app secure?

The Pataa App asks for a user’s phone number initially but it is not visible to anyone else. This data is taken for utility purposes to serve users better. It is entirely secure and covers all data security compliances. Therefore, users have nothing to worry about as there is no breach of privacy.

Following are the main data security aspects we work on:

  • Communication over secure channel (TLS & SSL)
  • Strong SSL from AWS ACM
  • AWS secure infrastructure with Owned VPC, Public and Private subnets, load balancer and security groups.
  • AAA Security practices (Authentication, Authorization and Auditing)

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