Seqrite detects over 2.6 crore cyber threats targeting Indian enterprises in Q3 2018

Seqrite has underlined the growing risk that the escalating evolution of the threat landscape poses to Indian organisations with the launch of its Quarterly Threat Report. The report reveals the latest enterprise security threats and trends identified by Seqrite during the third quarter of 2018. Seqrite is the enterprise arm of Quick Heal Technologies, one of the leading providers of cybersecurity solutions.

The most worrying statistic as revealed by the Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report Q3 2018 was the sheer volume of threats that organisations across sectors faced. Seqrite detected more than 2.6 crore threats targeting Indian enterprises during the three-month period – translating to a per day detection rate of over 2.8 lakhs threats.

According to the report, Ransomware, Exploits, PUA & Adware, Infectors, and worms remained popular attack vectors for cybercriminals, but what was interesting to note was the growing threat posed by crypto jacking. Seqrite detected over 24,000 Cryptojacking hits on a daily basis during Q3 2018, underlining the growing popularity of this relatively new threat.

Another interesting trend mapped in the Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report Q3 2018 was the distribution of attacks across different industries. IT/ITES companies faced the most number of threats, with over 40% of the threats targeting the industry. Other key sectors such as manufacturing (17.88%), education (12.56%), and hospitality (9.17%) were also deemed to be at risk.

Sanjay Katkar, Joint Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Quick Heal Technologies Limited said, “There is no denying that enterprises face an unparalleled security challenge today. Growing interconnectivity has demolished traditional security perimeters. Every endpoint, every node, every device connected to enterprise networks has become a point of entry for attackers looking to steal invaluable information and disrupt business operations. Attacks are becoming smarter and more targeted, and are causing much greater damage. In this context, the Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report Q3 2018 serves to underline the sheer scale of risk that Indian organisations are exposed to, at present. Mapping these trends has really helped us in gaining a better understanding of the tactics and modalities adopted by threat actors while targeting Indian businesses. Having successfully defended our clients against these threats, we are now utilising the insights generated by our report to further strengthen our enterprise security offerings, and to better protect our clients from a fast-evolving threat landscape.”

Based on Seqrite telemetry data, the Seqrite Quarterly Threat Report Q3 2018 has been compiled by Quick Heal Security Labs, the R&D division of Quick Heal Technologies dedicated to arm enterprises with cutting-edge security threat research and cyber intelligence, and analyses data fetched from enterprise networks and endpoints across the globe to deliver enhanced protection to clients against current and evolving cyber threats. News Service

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