FIS Delivers “EPIC” Productivity and Automation Tools for Managing a Remote Workforce

Financial technology leader FIS announced Enterprise Productivity, Intelligence & Compliance (EPIC), a modular, desktop-based solution that helps financial institutions and businesses enhance the efficiency of their global operations while managing an increasingly remote workforce.

The COVID-19 crisis has created a host of operational challenges for organizations, requiring them to modify their business plans and invest in technologies that support and enable a remote workforce.1 With work-from-home arrangements on the rise, the FIS EPIC solution provides organizations with an integrated, dashboard view of their business processes, and digital and physical assets on a single platform.

EPIC leverages advanced data analytics technology to enable operations personnel to monitor enterprise-wide operations from their desktops. With the aid of the EPIC solution’s powerful automation tools, organizations can allocate virtual and physical resources in real-time to handle spikes in business activity.

“The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate, manage their teams and interact with customers,” said Rob Lee, head of Digital and Banking at FIS. “Our new EPIC solution helps financial institutions and businesses understand and optimize the efficiency of employees working from home, providing greater control over their extended enterprise.”

The FIS EPIC solution includes six modules:

  • Automation Module – Leverages robotics process automation and remote desktop agents to dynamically allocate workloads via a unified console
  • Intelligence Module – Provides a set of powerful AI-enabled business intelligence tools that helps businesses manage workforce processes and performance.
  • Compliance Module– Monitors workforce compliance with enterprise policies, regulatory requirements and fraud management.
  • EPIC Core – Handles core tasks including analytics, data and process mining, event processing and reporting.
  • Efficiency Module– Captures key operational data on workforce, asset productivity and workload management to help prevent bottlenecks.
  • Knowledge and Experience Module – Synchronizes learning programs and distributes new policies and procedures to employees across the enterprise.

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