Portronics unveils Wi-Fi Portable Scanner- ‘Scanny 6 Wi-Fi’

Portronics -Scanny 6 Wi-FiNew Delhi, India, May 2, 2014: Portronics, the emerging pioneer in innovative, portable and digital devices, proudly announces the launch of its first Wi-Fi portable scanner in India – ‘Scanny 6 Wi-Fi’. The revolutionary new ‘Scanny 6 Wi-Fi,’ is the latest one to join the series of portable scanner – it’s the first and one of its kinds that comes with the Wi-Fi feature.

Scanny 6 Wi-Fi pairs with any mobile phone/ Tablet or laptop having a Wi-Fi connection; using a browser or an Android / iOS App. Scanny 6 Wi-Fi scans and then sends the scans instantly via wi-fi to the Wi-Fi scan app on the computer, where one can organize, create searchable PDFs or send images to the cloud. It can also send scans directly (wirelessly) to iOS and Android devices with an included App.

The Scanny 6 Wi-Fi runs on rechargeable batteries and can scan anywhere without the requirement of a computer. It not only scans but stores the Scans too; until it is synchronised via USB or Wi-Fi.

Another great support feature of the Scanny 6 Wi-Fi is the Display Panel which is provided on the scanner itself. Now you can get that perfect scan, as you can see what you scan; as you scan it and make timely amends if required. You can easily scan papers, receipts or photos; archive, and share the images.

Scanny 6 Wi-Fi, inspite of being small in size is extremely fast and comes with a 700 mAh battery which has the capacity to scan more than 500 pages in one go. It scans the documents in maximum 1050 DPI.

Pricing and Availability:

Scanny 6 Wi-Fi is available at a price of Rs. 7,999

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