Paytm strengthens merchant partnerships with All-in-One QR & Android POS device

Paytm has unveiled the innovative technology solutions to strengthen its merchant payment offerings with the All-in-One Android POS device, All-in-One QR, Paytm for Business app and Paytm Business Khata.

Paytm for Business app for merchant partners:

The company’s Paytm for Business App is a breakthrough in merchant payments that enables large and small businesses to track and pay all their payments from one place. Businesses can use APIs or Paytm for Business Dashboard to make bulk payments to Paytm Wallet, Bank Accounts and UPI addresses instantly. With this, the company is aiming to simplify and digitize payments for both B2B and B2C players who make regular payments to a large number of vendors, salaries and food allowance to employees, rewards or instant refunds to their customers and even other expenses like utility bills for multiple offices.

Paytm for Business Khata to manage credit & cash sales:

The newly launched ‘Paytm Business Khata’ is integrated into Paytm for Business app. Through Paytm’s Khata, merchants can set payment due date for credit transactions, send automated reminders and payment notifications, further improving the efficiency of their business. Merchants can also download reports for easy verifications, track daily sales/business growth and collect payments from customers via UPI or wallet at no extra cost. Created to cater to all kinds of businesses, Paytm Business Khata saves merchants the trouble of chasing customers for timely payments by sending them reminders on SMS and track payments that are due.

Offline payments with Paytm All-in-One QR:

Paytm successfully pioneered the QR based payments technology in India and took it to the grassroots of India. It has now upgraded its product with All-in-One QR which accepts payments from Paytm Wallet, Rupay Cards and all UPI-based platforms, thereby making the process of receiving payments easier and hassle-free for shopkeepers. Merchants no longer need to keep several QRs from different companies, as customers can simply scan the Paytm All-in-One QR to make payments from any of their preferred payment platforms. Merchants can receive unlimited payments directly into their bank accounts at zero percent fees.

‘Paytm All-in-One Android POS Device’ with in-built cloud technology & supports GST filing:

The All-in-One Android POS is a revolutionary new handheld device, that empowers merchants with tools that make payments from all UPI based app, Paytm Wallet, Rupay Cards and even cash easy to process and manage. This is India’s first POS device which is equipped with android technology and has in-built cloud software. This android POS device is solving a major pain point that merchants face which is around cash reconciliation. The POS device is India’s first machine that accepts cash payments and also helps businesses to keep track of their currency transactions making it easier for them to maintain accounts.

Paytm’s cloud-based terminal management system remotely helps merchants with app updates, important notifications as well as content which is beneficial for businesses to run smoothly. It also helps merchants in troubleshooting and debugging of the merchant user interface if necessary. The customer management module on the All-in-One Android POS provides a host of services to merchants including ‘loyalty solutions’, EMI options and brand offers. The cloud software besides accepting payments helps merchants to generate GST compliant bills, manage all transactions and settlements through their ‘Paytm for Business’ app and ‘Paytm Business Khata’.

Paytm All-in-One POS supports many industry-specific solutions that will help SMEs to automate their business processes and be more efficient. E.g. Its ‘Restaurant Management’ can accept orders of individual tables and directly relay them to the kitchen. The machine is equipped to generate and maintain separate bills for every table in the outlet. Similarly, it is bundled with TicketNew and, two of the biggest ticketing and events platforms in the country. Event organizers, as well as movie halls, can directly issue tickets with the All-in-POS android machine and accept payments.

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