Flipkart introduces an immersive augmented reality e-commerce experience with Flipkart Camera

Flipkart has launched an immersive e-commerce experience with Flipkart Camera, an Augmented Reality capability on the Flipkart App. This new offering will enable shoppers to leap from ‘imagining’ to ‘experiencing’ what a product will look like in reality before making a purchase.

With e-commerce today becoming a part of our lives, there is a need and an opportunity to bring real-life purchasing experiences to customers using technologies such as augmented reality. Flipkart Camera aims to make the online experience more engaging and beneficial for customers and help them make informed decisions.

In categories such as furniture, luggage and large appliances, where customers need to estimate the size and fit of the product and understand its aesthetics before making a purchase decision, customers can have a visual, 3D experience of products using Flipkart Camera.

Another important category where this capability will build customer confidence and remove guesswork is the Beauty category, with customers getting a chance to try products virtually before making a decision. With customers increasingly shopping on the go and from the comfort of their homes, this new experience will enable customers to purchase the right product without having to step out given COVID-19 restrictions.

Jeyandran Venugopal, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Flipkart, said, “At Flipkart, we are constantly working towards making e-commerce an inclusive and immersive experience for customers. With the Flipkart Camera feature, we aim to take this experience a notch higher by offering in-house demonstrations of products from the comfort of a consumer’s living room, thereby helping them make an informed decision before purchasing. This technology has far-reaching applications and can improve customer experience manifold while also helping customers find the right product fit.”

The rapid adoption of smartphones has propelled the usage of augmented reality amongst customers. According to a report by Gartner, Gen Z and millennials are driving the demand for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) features, with 30% of the sample space wanting more AR/VR capabilities incorporated in their shopping experience.

To experience Flipkart Camera’s Augmented Reality feature on your smartphones, simply scan the QR code and follow the instructions mentioned below.


  Large Appliances        

How it works:

  • Scanning the QR code will lead you to the product page. You can use Google lens or scanner on any of the payment apps to visit the page
  • Click on the option “View in your room”
  • Once the camera opens, rotate the phone camera over the floor for a few seconds to activate the augmented reality feature
  • You will be able to view a life-size replica of the product inside your home


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