launches Release Day Delivery, India, September 24, 2014: has launched Release Day Delivery (RDD), a service committed to delivering new product offerings to customers on the day of their release. With the launch of RDD, customers can now pre-order and receive some of the most eagerly awaited new products at their doorstep on the day of release. The service launched with the release of Xbox One. This means hundreds of customers who had pre booked the Xbox One in 35+ cities have started receiving their deliveries today.

Taking this one step further, today delighted several customers of Xbox One across India with midnight deliveries (a little after 12:00 am). Xbox One released at 00.01 hours in India. The midnight deliveries were made to customers in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Nagpur who had pre- booked the product. Amazon Logistics has enabled this on the back of specially designed operational processes to ensure adherence to strict embargo levels.

An excited Jay Kumar, who was one of the first customers to receive the midnight delivery in Mumbai said “I was jumping with joy on knowing that the Xbox One was going to be delivered to me at midnight. I called all my friends and told them. The midnight delivery was so unexpected and I feel special.”

“I had pre-ordered the Xbox One for my son as a surprise. I just couldn’t wait to gift it to him. The midnight delivery was a super surprise. He was just overjoyed to see the package arrive at midnight. He just couldn’t believe it,” said Faiza Hakim, from Bangalore when she received the Amazon Smile box just after midnight.

“We know how eager customers are to lay their hands on new releases. We cannot think of a better way to ‘Deliver Smiles’. We are absolutely delighted by the response we got and look forward to offering more delightful experiences for our customers.” said Amit Agarwal, Vice President and Country Manager of Amazon India. has enabled Release Day Delivery for the video games category at launch and will soon be adding other categories.

Here’s a short video that captures the midnight delivery experience-

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