Accelerating Intelligent Transformation of Businesses

“By 2025, 100% of enterprises around the globe will be utilizing cloud technology. Cloud is the future of the ICT industry and the foundation for enterprises’ digital transformation. Developers are the soul of the industry” – Richard Yu, Executive Director of Huawei, and CEO of Huawei’s Cloud BU and Consumer Business Group

Huawei India Cloud & AI Business Group President Steve KimAs the ICT industry steadily grows to become the new global economic growth engine, it is demonstrating unprecedented socioeconomic value. It continues to revolutionize all parts of the human experience, by drastically changing how people work, communicate, learn and live. Adoption of key ICT technologies, such as cloud, computing, and AI is further accelerating the digital transformation of enterprises and industries, alike. These technologies, are not only helping industries go digital but are also helping to reimagine experiences, optimize processes, enable innovations and building core competitiveness for the future.

However, the true catalysts of these technological advancements are the developers who drive scientific research, enterprise innovation, and the industry as a whole forward. They not only empower the ecosystem but contribute significantly to this all-scenario, intelligent era. Huawei firmly believes that developers are the soul of the industry and is committed to working with them to accelerate the cloud and intelligent transformation of businesses.

Huawei has created immense value by persistently pursuing innovation. Last year, at Huawei Developer Conference 2020, Huawei shared the achievements it made in computer vision and showcased significant applications for Huawei’s Atlas AI computing platform, on the cloud, edge, and devices. Continuing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of pervasive intelligence, this year at Huawei Developer Conference (HDC.Cloud) 2021, Huawei launched six innovative products and services that help deliver new levels of efficiency and quality to help developers push new frontiers.

6 Revolutionary Products for Cloud Native and AI

With the development and application of cloud native and AI technologies, industries are accelerating their upgrade to all-scenario intelligence. This gives rise to three opportunities: application modernization, data assetization, and AI industrialized development. Huawei’s six new products help developers get better positioned for the opportunities in this process:

1. HUAWEI CLOUD CCE Turbo: accelerating enterprise application innovation

Containerization is critical for application modernization. As containers are widely used in enterprise core systems and innovative services, enterprises’ expectations of container performance, elasticity, and scheduling capabilities are getting higher. HUAWEI CLOUD CCE Turbo accelerates computing, networks, and scheduling.

  • For computing acceleration, CCE Turbo is the only container cluster in the industry that supports full container component offload with zero loss of server resources or performance. This feature helps VIPKid, a leading education company, improve audio and video service performance by up to 40%. It smooths user experience with zero frame freezing in online classes.
  • For network acceleration, CCE Turbo’s innovative container pass-through network transforms a two-layer network into a single layer network. The end-to-end connection time is halved — meaning that capacity expansion of thousands of containers can be performed in seconds — and latency is reduced by 40%.
  • For scheduling acceleration, CCE Turbo senses different application models and network topologies, automatically optimizes task scheduling policies, and implements large-scale hybrid deployment and intelligent scheduling of offline and online services.

2. HUAWEI CLOUD CloudIDE: an intelligent programming assistant for developers

CloudIDE provides developers with a lightweight and fast programming experience, enabling them to perform intelligent online programming anytime, anywhere, and on any terminal. It supports the following features:

  • Thanks to the intelligent code completion technology of SmartAssist, CloudIDE can find all completion results, and determine and sort possible results, improving the accuracy of multi-symbol and long results.
  • It supports completion for complex contexts, and even obscure third-party APIs.
  • By automatically avoiding recommending outdated, obsolete, and dangerous APIs, it makes your code more robust and secure.

3. HUAWEI CLOUD GaussDB (for openGauss) database: a trusted choice for migrating enterprise core data to the cloud

For an enterprise to truly go to the cloud and become data-driven, a key step is migrating its database to the cloud. Unlike traditional databases, HUAWEI CLOUD GaussDB(for openGauss) has the following three characteristics:

  • High performance: Its transaction processing capability is 54% higher than that of similar products in the industry, and its complex query latency is 82% lower than that of similar products.
  • High elasticity: In the face of traffic peaks, computing nodes can be expanded in just minutes and storage capacity can be expanded in seconds. The expansion process does not disrupt services.
  • High availability: When a single point of failure occurs, the unique Switch Turbo technology ensures switchover within 10 seconds (less than one third of the time required by its counterparts) and provides the geo-redundant DR capability.

4. Trusted Intelligent Computing Service (TICS): unlocking data value while ensuring security

As a key factor of production, data needs to able to flow flexibly to maximize value. However, it can still be difficult to realize openness, sharing, and circulation. HUAWEI CLOUD TICS provides security for innovative and converged applications of data elements, enabling secure data flow and maximizing data value.

5. HUAWEI CLOUD Pangu Model: including the world’s largest Chinese NLP model and vision pre-trained model

AI has become a new driver of productivity, but AI development is still at a rudimentary stage, severely curbing the full potential of AI productivity. Based on the industrial AI development model of “pre-training + downstream fine-tuning”, the Pangu Model is accelerating the introduction of AI into a wide range of industries and is making inclusive AI a reality. The freshly released Pangu NLP model is the industry’s first Chinese NLP model with hundred billions of parameters, and the Pangu CV model is the industry’s largest CV model. In the Chinese Language Understanding Evaluation (CLUE) Benchmark, the Pangu NLP model ranked No. 1 in the total CLUE ranking, CLUE classification ranking, and CLUE machine reading ranking.

6. Infrastructure software: enabling diversified computing

Cloud innovation depends on the support of infrastructure software root technologies such as operating systems, databases, and middleware. Huawei has built a complete set of basic computing software stacks, including the operating system, enterprise-grade database, and all-scenario AI computing framework, to enable diversified computing power and support HUAWEI CLOUD innovation.

During the event, Huawei also announced a US$220 million investment into its Huawei Developer Program 2.0 this year. The Huawei Developer Program 2.0 will include the newly announced HUAWEI CLOUD Partner Innovation Program, Kunpeng OpenMind Project, and Ascend OpenMind Project. This rich package of support will help to continuously foster a robust ecosystem around HUAWEI CLOUD, Kunpeng, and Ascend.

Since the release of the Huawei Developer Program in 2015, Huawei has been committed to a philosophy of open hardware, open source software, partner enablement, and talent development, as it works to build a constantly prosperous industry ecosystem. Up to now, HUAWEI CLOUD, Kunpeng, and Ascend have attracted 2.4 million developers. HUAWEI CLOUD IaaS ranks No. 2 in China and No. 5 in the world, making it the fastest-growing mainstream cloud vendor. Partner-shipped products based on the Kunpeng motherboard accounted for 52% of the total Kunpengbased product shipment in 2020. Three open source communities, openEuler, openGauss, and MindSpore, have been built around operating systems, databases, and AI frameworks. These communities are now taking shape and thriving. Huawei will continue to open its technological innovation capabilities and work with developers and partners to accelerate the cloud and intelligent transformation of businesses.

Authored by:- Mr. Steve Kim, President, Cloud & AI Business Group, Huawei India

(The views expressed in this article are by – Mr. Steve Kim, President, Cloud & AI Business Group, Huawei India. doesn’t own any responsibility for it.)

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