Amid the pandemic, Rau’s IAS live-online classes provide a lifeline for UPSC aspirants preparing for the IAS exam

The education sector has been severely affected by the pandemic, and students preparing for competitive exams such as the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) have been hit the hardest. These students are used to physical classroom teaching and depend heavily on coaching institutes for IAS preparation.

However, the lockdown restrictions imposed to fight COVID-19 have limited their options for quality guidance.

Rau’s IAS Study Circle has adapted to online teaching methodology to ensure that its students’ IAS exam preparations are not hampered by the restrictions. Rau’s IAS Interactive-Online classes are designed to replicate the offline experience, allowing teachers to teach in the same manner as they would in a physical classroom. The interaction between students and teachers is multiparty, enabling students to ask questions and clarify doubts while also benefiting from peer learning.

Rau's IAS live-online classes

To ensure that its students receive quality guidance, Rau’s IAS has created an E-learn platform that provides access to frequent homework, regular class tests, and opportunities for doubt solving and discussion. The platform also includes video backups of live-online classes, as well as access to additional teaching and testing resources.

Interactive-Online classes for IAS exam

Rau’s IAS  Interactive-Online classes enable teachers to teach in exactly the same manner as they used to teach in the classrooms in offline mode. Interaction between students and teachers is the same as an offline class since students are able to ask and clarify doubts from the teacher.

Also, this interaction between students and teacher is multiparty i.e. all the students can see each other and listen to others’ doubts thereby making learning more participative. The multiparty interaction enables teachers to read the online class (are students confused, should more examples be used to clear concepts, etc.) and customize the delivery of their content to suit the online classroom dynamic. Also, the multiparty nature of the classes, makes students feel the positive side of peer-pressure propelling them to stay focused; and that eventually leads to improved learning.

Rau’s IAS  Study Circle is the first IAS coaching academy which has pioneered in teaching through interactive-online classes. For Rau’s IAS, just organizing information for delivery isn’t teaching but teaching is all that can be done to ensure that the students learn the concepts and acquire skills to use those under practical settings (UPSC Prelims exam and UPSC Mains exam).

To replicate the offline experience, Rau’s IAS has created its E-learn platform to offer everything that has been part of the physical classroom experience. Rau’s IAS online learning platform ( enables:

  • Teachers to assign frequent  homework  (objective and written) to help students revise daily.
  • Assessment : Regular  class tests  are conducted to check if students are succeeding at the goals for which they started learning.
  • Doubt Solving : We understand that in every classroom there are students who don’t ask doubts fearing that they may be the only one struggling. The platform takes care of those students as well by giving them access to ask their teachers questions even after class. The platform has been, in fact, tailor made with special focus on doubts solving and discussions. It focuses on  increasing interactions between teachers and students.  Students can also engage in group discussions and improve through Peer learning.
  • Video back-up of Live-online classes is provided : All live lectures are subsequently made available as recorded videos so students could watch them again to revise concepts.
  • Access is given to more teaching and testing resources  like the   current affairs videos, test discussion videos, class notes, study material, current affairs magazines, UPSC Prelims Test Series and upsc Mains Test Series, etc.
  • With the conduct of interactive-online classes and delivery of coursework through  Rau’s IAS  E-learn platform, Rau’s IAS students feel absolutely no difference between online and offline learning experience.

Quality guidance is now available to everyone at the touch of a button

We understand, that UPSC aspirants come from all walks of lives, from different background and therefore their approach to studies is different.

  • Many UPSC aspirants prepare for the IAS exam while balancing work, college education and family life which may make juggling between that and time bound physical classes, difficult.
  • For conventional classroom coaching, students have to travel to campus, but with the online coaching, guidance is available within the safe confines of their homes.
  • Many IAS aspirants reside in far flung areas and commuting to campus to attend physical classes six times a week is impractical and taxing.
  • Another issue is that, for some students learning outcomes may be thwarted by societal distractions and they’d like to study via an alternate medium to stay focused.
  • Some learners have a unique learning style and pace.

Rau’s IAS Online courses for UPSC exam provide a unique avenue for IAS aspirants to juggle the demands of their daily lives on their scarce time and other resources, while still being able to prepare for and crack IAS exam.

Generally speaking, for working professionals, parents, international students, students with disabilities and students located in far flung areas, an IAS course delivered online by Rau’s IAS (experts in the field of UPSC Civil Services coaching) can be hugely beneficial.

Also, during these pandemic conditions, all students who wish to socially distance themselves and study from the safety of their home, can also take advantage of Rau’s IAS online courses.

The future of Online IAS coaching

One must understand that education requires “high-quality guidance” from teachers. Technology is ‘‘just’’ a medium. High quality guidance can be delivered by teachers effectively online as well if they are trained to use technology appropriately. We have trained our teachers to use instructional technology to teach and resolve doubts. Our teachers are proficient to use technology to enhance student learning outcomes through active student engagement, collaborative learning and frequent feedback to evaluate teaching absorption.

Rau’s IAS  has integrated technology in its instruction and curriculum. Rau’s IAS online classes make students feel like they are in the classroom.

There is no denying the fact that students have to depend on online teaching for the time being as that is the only available medium of learning, but we feel that online teaching will be a practical solution for many, even after the pandemic.

From student’s feedback regarding the efficacy of online classes and online learning experience as a whole, it is evident that Rau’s IAS Online course has emerged as an effective and reliable solution for preparing for UPSC exam.

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