Newgen Launches AI and ML-based Identity Document Extraction and Redaction Software

Newgen Software has announced the launch of Intelligent IDXtract —a cognitive identity document extraction and redaction software. Intelligent IDXtract will enable organizations across industries to accurately extract information from identity documents and leverage it for multiple processes, including customer onboarding, KYC verification, and employee information management.

Intelligent IDXtract uses a computer vision-based cognitive model to identify the presence, location, and type of one or more entities on a given identity document. The entities can include a person’s name, date of birth, unique ID number, and address, among others. The software leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning, powered by computer vision techniques and rule-based capabilities, to extract and redact entities per business requirements.

Diwakar Nigam, MD and Chairman, Newgen Software, said, “Our new intelligent identity document extraction and redaction software seamlessly integrates with our digital automation platform, to provide easy access to the information present on identity documents. Enterprises can leverage AI/ML-extracted ID information to ensure smarter decision-making, improve productivity, and deliver better customer experience while staying compliant.”

Key features of the software include:

  • Entity recognition and localization
  • Trainable machine learning to build customized models
  • Support for image capture variations, such as scanned and mobile captured images, etc.
  • Automatic recognition, location, interpretation, and extraction of QR code and MRZ
  • Language independent localization and redaction of entities
  • Seamless integration with core business applications, content management platforms, and document capture applications
  • Identification and redaction of personally identifiable information

Newgen’s Intelligent IDXtract supports multiple use cases, including auto-form filling using extracted entities, risk management and regulatory compliance, and metadata enrichment for easy search and retrieval.

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