Generative AI service Amazon Bedrock Available in AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, announced at AWS Summit Bengaluru that Amazon Bedrock, which offers customers the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to build and scale generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications and experiences, is generally available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region.

To help customers globally take advantage of this new technology, Amazon Bedrock became generally available to all customers worldwide through select regions in 2023. The general availability of Amazon Bedrock in AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region will support customers across the country, including public sector organisations and companies in regulated industries, to innovate with generative AI and to have further choices on where they can run and store generative AI applications. Deploying generative AI workloads closer to end users will also help customers with low latency needs. Low latency is especially important for generative AI applications in delivering faster processing and response times, which are essential for AI tasks like on-the-fly content generation, interactive user experiences, and real-time conversational insights.

“AWS is committed to helping customers accelerate their generative AI journey from experimentation to production in an efficient and secure way. Our customers value choice; some prefer to build from scratch, while others prefer models tailored for specific use cases. We want to provide organisations in India with the performant, cost-effective infrastructure they need to build with generative AI,” said Shalini Kapoor, Chief Technologist–APJ Public Sector, Director–AWS India and South Asia. “The availability of Amazon Bedrock in India will further spur innovation that large enterprises, startups, independent software vendors, and public sector organisations are building in India, and complement their efforts to upskill their talent in generative AI.”

Organisations across India are using generative AI for a wide variety of use cases, including driving productivity gains, creating innovative user experiences, and reimagining work. Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service which offers customers a selection of best-in-class models and powerful model customisation capabilities, built with enterprise-grade security and privacy. Additionally, AWS provides customers with the tools, resources, and training they need to advance responsible and secure innovation in generative AI. Customers can access the latest generation of models, including Amazon Titan (Text Lite, Text Express, Multi-modal Embeddings, Image Generator), Cohere (Embeddings English, Embeddings Multi-lingual), Anthropic (Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet), Meta (Llama 3 8B, Llama 3 70B), and Mistral (Mistral Large, Mistral 7B, Mistral 8x7B).

“We are excited about helping customers accelerate generative AI innovation across all industries with Amazon Bedrock. Take the financial services industry, for example, trading firms could supercharge their trading algorithms with generative AI to continually optimise trading strategies based on real-time portfolio performance and evolving market conditions. Or in the healthcare industry, hospitals could use virtual care assistants to alleviate resource constraints by using conversational language capabilities to assist with patient queries,” said V.G. Sundar Ram, Head of Business Development, AWS India and South Asia.

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