Oxigen launches Virtual Visa card in partnership with Visa and RBL Bank

New Delhi, India, January 13, 2016: Oxigen Wallet announces the launch of Visa Prepaid card in association with leading global payment solutions provider ZAZOO and RBL Bank as sponsor bank and co-branding partner. Based on an innovative mobile phone-based payment solution enabled by mobile virtual card (MVC) technology, Visa Prepaid utilizes existing and traditional payment methods and enhances them by replacing plastic card data with a virtual card data, hence eliminating the risk of theft, phishing, skimming, spoofing etc.

With Visa Prepaid, the customer can simply fill in the payable amount in the Oxigen Wallet app and create his Visa Prepaid card in seconds. Oxigen Wallet allows a customer to create multi-use Visa card on their phone, which is also transferable to friends or family members through the app. In addition to unmatched security, Visa Prepaid also empowers individuals who do not have access to a physical card, to seamlessly replace the traditional cash-on-delivery payment option for e-commerce transactions with a card they can control based on their preferences. Visa Prepaid gives Oxigen Wallet users the flexibility to do transactions on all ecommerce and payment sites where Visa is accepted. This frictionless payment solution promises more secure transactions without any disruption in the user experience and looks set to become the default behavior for Oxigen Wallet users to pay at merchants like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Zomato etc.

Speaking on the association Ankur Saxena, Director & Chief Mentor at Oxigen Wallet commented, “Mobile Based Visa Prepaid Card is our major step in digitization of payments to potential 1 billion mobile customers, banked or unbanked. Partnership with Visa & ZAZOO helps us bridge this digital divide and makes eCommerce/mCommerce payments available to masses through Oxigen Wallet mobile app. This partnership enables our users to make payments online/onmobile anywhere without a credit card or a debit card in a secure way, as they are not required to share their debit card/credit card details while transacting.”

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