Aricent Launches Virtual Network Function Manager Framework

Aricent has announced the launch of its innovative Virtual Network Function Manager Framework at the Layer123 NFV World Congress 2016 in San Jose. Aricent’s VNF management Framework is designed to help clients develop, manage and deliver virtualized networking solutions for the emerging Network Function Virtualization (NFV) market. The solution is cloud agnostic, extensible and scalable, which implements application-awareness through a simple programmable interface and provides a rich platform for performing service and network function management.

Rakesh Vij, Chief Business Officer, Communications Business Unit for Aricent said, “Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is transforming the way networks are designed and deployed in the areas of telecommunication, data centers and enterprise networking. Our clients are focused towards delivering solutions through which operators would be able to rapidly create and deploy new services, derive cost benefits and improve operational efficiencies. Aricent’s focus is to accelerate client’s objectives by providing them with solutions such as VNF Manager Framework, which enables a faster go-to-market, saving time and effort in managing deployment, and strengthening their focus on service development.

Aricent’s VNF Management Framework has been developed on European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Industry Specification Group for NFV. A key feature of this solution is   its “single-touch” interface, which can be usedfor deploying network functions, policy based service monitoring and co-relation of infrastructure and VNF monitoring. The other value added features that this solution brings in are – handling inter-VNF dependencies during lifecycle management, simplified management by hiding VNF topology, scalability for the VNF manager, VNF audit trails etc. Additionally, by leveraging Aricent’s framework, its team of expert consultants and engineers, clients and partners of Aricent are able to speed up development and focus on differentiated features in the highly agile NFV market.

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