Oracle Expands Ecosystem and Announces Simplified Third-party Software Purchasing

Oracle announced that Oracle Cloud Marketplace now supports billing for third-party software listings. Customers can now use their Universal Cloud Credits in addition to bringing their own license to consume enterprise applications and solutions directly from premier software vendors including A10 Networks, Aviatrix, Blue Prism, Center for Internet Security (CIS), Compellon, Couchbase, Fortinet, Kinetica, Palo Alto Networks, Pyramid Analytics, ScyllaDB, Sesame Software, ShieldIO, and Stromasys.

Oracle Cloud has the only marketplace that offers click to deploy solutions for Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Applications in addition to certified and optimized partner solutions.

Vinay Kumar, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, said, “Enterprise customers have broad investments in third-party software. We are now giving them an easy way to consume these solutions, with a single bill across both Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and third-party applications. ISVs can now rely on Oracle Cloud’s exceptional performance to run their applications while also partnering with Oracle to extend their sales channel directly to Oracle customers.”

Oracle Cloud Powers Global Software Vendors to Improve Their Offerings

This announcement extends Oracle Cloud’s broad set of capabilities ISVs are using to build customer solutions. ISVs benefitting from the power of Oracle Cloud include McAfee, Cisco, HighJump, Altair, Datalynx, Manhattan Associates, NTT Data Intellilink, SimCorp, UiPath and Vertex.

McAfee SIEM Enhances Cybersecurity with Oracle Cloud

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager is a security information and event management (SIEM) solution that delivers actionable intelligence and integrations to prioritize, investigate and respond to threats.

Anand Ramanathan, Vice President of Product Management, McAfee, said, “Our customers rely on us to deliver technologies that help them address today’s latest threats, that continue to get more complex by the day. Utilizing the scalability, reliability and flexible architecture of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows McAfee’s ESM to deliver unmatched performance in context-aware visibility and reduces time to protection.”

HighJump Improves in Price Performance Capabilities by 40 percent with Oracle Cloud

HighJump offers supply chain management solutions spanning warehousing, transportation and retail execution for small businesses to global enterprises. Announced in 2018, HighJump’s global cloud initiative, HighJump Now, is a comprehensive cloud-based solution portfolio. Along with advanced data analytics and warehouse control, HighJump Now provides a foundation for new, complex technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, IoT and machine learning in a secure cloud environment. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, HighJump increased performance [Oracle workloads were up to 40 percent faster compared to other cloud platforms] and reduced time to market [implementation went from 6 – 8 weeks to 1 – 2 weeks].

Sean Elliott, chief technology officer, HighJump, said, “HighJump’s cloud solutions were built with flexibility in mind, empowering our customers to evolve their supply chains to meet heightening consumer expectations for purchasing convenience, delivery speed, and choice. These results allow our customers to capitalize on new and emerging technologies to solve the supply chain challenges of today and tomorrow.”

Cisco Tetration SaaS Experiences Massive Performance Improvements with Oracle Cloud

Cisco Tetration offers a holistic workload protection for multicloud data centers by enabling a zero-trust model using microsegmentation. It uses real-time telemetry from applications—down to the individual end user or software process—to detect changes such as abnormal activity caused by a hacker or malware, or by attempts to exploit newly discovered flaws.

Navindra Yadav, Tetration founder and head of engineering, Cisco fellow, Cisco, said,  “Data is overwhelming for organizations—there’s too much to manage, analyze and correlate—especially when it comes to ensuring the data is secure. Our priority is to help our customers create, deploy and enforce security policies in any cloud environment. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure we don’t have any ‘noisy neighbors’ which allows us to deliver higher performance [we’ve seen up to 60x performance improvement], lower cost security technology to our customers that ultimately helps to better protect their customers’ data.”

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