Which sports have the best odds?

If you’ve used to bet on sports a few years ago, you probably remember that we had only a handful of options to choose from. Now, the situation is really different because there are loads of sports that we can bet on. Apart from the traditional ones, we can even choose from things like Virtual Sports and eSports, which was unheard of a few years ago.

Apart from the sports and the available markets, the third most important thing people look for in a gambling website is the odds. This is one of the things that differentiates sportsbooks from one another. Most of them offer more or less the same sports and markets, but the odds are different.

Which sports have the best odds? 1

If you don’t have any sports betting experience and you want to start punting, here are the sports that you should focus on because they usually provide the best odds. It’s worth pointing out that there could be many differences, depending on the operator you choose. Sometimes, the sports that are considered to be more popular have worse odds than others.


People love to bet on tennis because this sport has all sorts of tournaments. Furthermore, there are some unique markets that you can’t find anywhere else, especially if you decide to place live bets.

Similar to any other sport, the more significant tournaments usually provide way more markets and better odds, so unless you’re a tennis fan and you know what you’re doing, make sure you focus on them.


Right now, we think that eSports have the best odds out of any other sport. Regardless if you choose Dota 2, LoL, CS:GO, Overwatch, or something else, you will usually find way better odds compared to the other sports.

Moreover, some of the leading gambling operators might also have exclusive features or mobile promotions just for eSports. If you want to see whether you’ll find something exclusive, you can download the application of Betway for Android and iOS and explore the different eSports options.

Horse Races

Horse racing is one of the oldest gambling sports in existence. Despite that, people from many countries all over the world still bet on it every day.

What makes this sport interesting is that it’s tough to predict what will happen. Even though this makes watching the races an incredible experience, betting on them could be difficult.


It’s no surprise that football is the most popular sport in terms of betting. However, some websites don’t offer good odds for it due to its massive popularity. So, if you are really into football and you want to bet on your favorite team, make sure you check out at least a few different gambling operators until you find the one that will provide you with good odds.


The last sport that we think deserves to be here is boxing. Although not everyone likes combat sports, boxing usually has incredible odds, especially during a live event. Just remember to learn a little bit more information about the fighters before you start betting.

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