How to Delete Unnecessary Files from Your iPhone

No one likes running out of space on their iPhone. You may try to download a new app or game update and your phone tells you that your storage is nearly full.

As iPhones don’t have expandable storage options such as a microSD card slot, running out of space can also be quite expensive. To get more storage you’ll have to pay for iCloud cloud storage from Apple, get a wireless hard drive and remember to carry it with you, or buy a new iPhone. iPhones with more storage can also cost more than those with smaller storage space.

One way of fixing this issue is to just delete unnecessary files from your iPhone. You may have gigabytes of unused files that you don’t really need to keep around and by deleting them, you can make more room.

How to Delete Unnecessary Files from Your iPhone

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How to Find Out Which Apps You Use the Most

For most iPhone users, most of your storage space will be used to hold apps and updates. If you regularly play and update mobile games, then you’ll know that with every new piece of content, they take up more storage. Many mobile games offer huge levels to explore, hundreds of characters to collect, and many monsters to defeat and that means that they have huge storage needs.

To know which apps to uninstall, you should look at which apps you use often. RefurbMe’s article on iPhone storage space explains that you can do this by going to your Settings. Your iPhone will tell you how much space an app is taking up and when was the last time you used that app. If the app hasn’t been used in several weeks or months and is taking up several GBs of storage, why not delete it from your iPhone?

How to Delete Duplicate Images

iPhone cameras offer incredible quality photos and so you probably do many photoshoots, as you try to take a beautiful selfie or photograph a gorgeous landscape. However, taking so many photos is taking up your iPhone storage space. A photo may take up around 3MB and if you take photos most days, or take multiple photos of the same thing as you try to get the best shot, you may have hundreds of MBs of duplicate images on your phone.

You can delete these manually by going into the Photos app on your iPhone and selecting the photos that look the same. Press delete and they’ll be removed from your storage. There are also duplicate photo cleaners, which are apps that will do the job for you. Systweak says that Duplicate Photos Fixer, Remo Duplicate Photos Remover, and AVG Photo Cleaner and Manager are some good choices, but make sure to read reviews and look at what each app offers first.

Move Your Music to Streaming Platforms

Another file type that takes up huge amounts of space on your iPhone is music. If you’re a music lover with years of albums downloaded onto your phone, then that can easily take up several gigabytes of storage space. It can be difficult to choose which songs you want to delete if you’ve been a fan of an artist for some time.

You could move your music to streaming platforms, though, as this will give you access to all of your favorite songs without it taking up so much space on your iPhone. What Hi-Fi’s article about the best music streaming services also explains that they can help you to discover new tracks and artists too. Apple offers Apple Music and Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited are two other popular platforms to choose from.

By doing this, you can make more room in your iPhone storage and delete the files you don’t need. This will give you more room to download the files and apps that you want.


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