Fujitsu Forum Showcases Human Centric Innovation as Business Growth Enabler for the Hyperconnected World

Fujitsu-HPC-Competency-Center-in-Bangalore4Bangalore, India, November 19, 2014: At Fujitsu Forum 2014, Europe’s largest single-vendor technology event, Fujitsu showcases how human centric innovation is enabling customers’ growth by providing a new approach to transform business and create tremendous value for people in a hyperconnected future society.

Fujitsu Forum showcases Fujitsu’s future vision of a hyperconnected world where Human Centric Innovation empowers people and unleashes their creativity to benefit everyone in society, regardless of what they know about technology or where they live. Fujitsu predicts that the onset of the hyperconnected era will spark a digital revolution that creates a world where existing boundaries between industries, physical and digital, enterprise and individuals almost vanish.

Against this backdrop, Fujitsu is focusing on innovation to use the power of human centric ICT – the fusion of advanced technologies encompassing cloud, mobility, Big Data, social, the Internet of Things and more – to build a Human Centric Intelligent Society. This vision will be demonstrated at Fujitsu Forum via a rich choice of keynotes, breakout sessions and expert talks.

Milestones towards Human Centric Innovation include the following announcements that will be made at Fujitsu Forum: 

  • Investment in Global Delivery capabilities: Framing the services needed to sustain and further develop a hyperconnected world, Fujitsu is investing €345 million over three years into strengthening its Global Delivery capabilities. The company is aiming to create new value-added ICT services and innovative solutions to address customers’ business challenges. Fujitsu is leveraging the service-led culture fostered in Japan, which is based on deep customer intimacy and jointly agreed outcomes.
  • New PRIMEFLEX family of integrated systems: Embracing the arrival of hyperconnected ICT infrastructures, Fujitsu is introducing the PRIMEFLEX brand for its family of integrated systems, a comprehensive line-up of more than 20 business-centric data center solutions. PRIMEFLEX systems, which encompass solutions from Fujitsu partners such as Microsoft, VMware and SAP, are all packaged and tested by Fujitsu. Customers can also choose Fujitsu Lifecycle Management for managing system updates and ongoing stack compatibility, as well as Fujitsu SolutionContract to tackle unplanned system downtime.
  • Launch of Fujitsu PalmSecure ID Match: Enabling trust in the hyperconnected world, PalmSecure ID Match is a portable solution to safeguard identity and valuable data, addressing security-sensitive scenarios across a wide range of sectors including finance, retail, social security and other public sectors. ID Match is based on Fujitsu’s innovative and unique PalmSecure technology, which provides peace of mind by using unique patterns of oxygen-depleted veins in the human palm to verify and secure individuals’ identities. 

Claus-Peter Unterberger, Senior Vice President and Vice Head, Global Marketing, Fujitsu, said, “We imagine a digital revolution in the hyperconnected future – creating a sustainable world where human centric ICT will help to create a more intelligent society, where everyone is able to live and prosper. At the heart of this revolution is innovation – which will create business and social value by developing solutions and services that bring together the three dimensions of people, information and infrastructure. At Fujitsu Forum, we are demonstrating how Fujitsu is the perfect innovation partner, helping our customers to cope with challenges and maximize the opportunities of a hyperconnected world by blending our customers’ know-how with Fujitsu’s expertise.”

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