Top Consumer appliances by Whirlpool in this season

Washing machines 

If you don’t already have a washer or are looking for an upgrade, now is the time to get a washing machine. Increasingly, consumers are becoming conscious about sanitizing not just their home but also their clothes as these can be carries to germs and allergens. The latest versions in washing machines also offer in-built heaters which are more effective and can kill up to 99.9% germs.

  • Whirlpool offerings –

Bloomwash Pro – Front load washing machine with inbuilt heater and steam care technology, that removes 99% bacteria and allergens


Using a dishwasher not only takes away the drudgery of hand washing your plates, glasses and flatware, it also saves money and water, keeps counters free of clutter, creates less of an impact on the environment and is more sanitary. In addition, a dishwasher promises cleaner and more sanitised utensils in comparison to hand wash

  • Whirlpool offerings –

PowerClean(WFC3C24PF) and PowerClean Pro (WFO3O33 DLX) dishwashers. PowerClean Pro Technology removes oil and tough stains through specially designed powerful rear water jets, and PowerDry† Technology Helps in spotless cleaning and drying on every utensil, including plastics, in just 1 hour*. The unique combination of PowerDry† technology and ultra-efficient inverter motors minimises the power consumption to deliver class A+++ energy efficiency. Also the 14 place settings and customised loading and a modular third basket allows even taller & wider items in the upper rack.

Kitchen appliances

Experiment with your culinary skills by adding a combination of statement and small kitchen appliances such as a multi-purpose convention microwave. Speedy cooking and easy cleaning are other added benefits of having a microwave.

  • Whirlpool offerings –

Microwaves with Zero Oil^ Cooking and Steam Technology that creates the perfect conditions to cook with Zero Oil^ and allows to prepare the healthiest and tastiest recipes with the touch of a button respectively.

Air Conditioners

While majority of consumers in metro cities have more than one air conditioner at their home, latest innovations within the category have in-built purifiers that add a dual benefit for the consumer

  • Whirlpool offerings –

3D Cool Air conditioners which ensures faster cooling and also has PuraFresh Technology to keep the dust and allergens in your room at bay. The inbuilt air purifier helps remove 99%#> odour and purify the room of PM 0.3 particulates and 98.6%# pollutants. It can also be used as a standalone Air Purifier.

  Other products from Whirlpool of India –

  • Air purifier with Purafresh Technology that eliminates harmful PM 2.5 pollutants from the air
  • Refrigerator with Microblock Technology that prevents 99.9% Bacterial Growth*
  • RO with Microblock Protection that ensures 99%* bacteria-free protection in water storage tank.

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