“With JetSetGo all operators are put on the same platform getting equal visibility and chance”- Kanika Tekriwal, CEO and Cofounder of JetSetGo

CEO-and-Cofounder-of-JetSetGo-Kanika-TekriwalWhat is the uniqueness of your business model ? 

EVERYTHING! So JSG does not just offer you the right private jets at the right prices but redefines your entire private jet experience. 

As the Uber of the skies and an aggregation platform, JetSetGo provides Indian charter customers for the first time the choice, transparency and flexibility to book a private jet online on both web and mobile platforms. Extending the experience from the ease of the customized online booking process, JetSetGo then provides superior unmatched level of service at every customer touch point through the journey process on ground at both departure and arrival airports and on board based on the purpose of the customer charter be it business or leisure. For single leg trips, through its online demand aggregation model it maximizes the chance for sale of empty travel legs to other customers thereby adding value to original leg customer by giving a credit against original charter cost and for the empty leg traveler a charter at a more attractive price point.

To enable all of this and leveraging technology optimally, JetSetGo provides a cloud based enterprise management tool for aircraft operators which combines scheduling, advanced trip pricing and business intelligence capabilities with an in-built global market place for services and parts that will soon also have transactional capabilities. On the ground through long term strategic alliances and investments JetSetGo is ramping up its capabilities in several Indian airports to put in motion a new JetSetGo customer service standard that will forever re-define the customer experience by providing far superior level of service than that currently exists in the country.

What kind of a tieup do you have with business aircraft / helicopter owners and service providers ?

We have an internal audit system which enables operators to be a part of our system. Once the operator passes this audit they are given a dashboard where they literally manage their entire fleet on an app or computer. Customers can further book their fleet using JetSetGo. In the case of certain owners we manage their fleet completely. Ie they buy the aircraft and give it to us to run for them which includes maintenance, crewing etc etc. 

How is it a win-win for both aircraft operators and customers ?

The market is literally where retail was before big Bazaar stepped in, it is extremely opaque and dominated by intermediaries. Intermediaries generally sell aircraft most suited to their needs and not their customers needs. Whilst operators who cannot provide large enough margins get wiped out. With JetSetGo all operators are put on the same platform getting equal visibility and chance. 

The unique experiences that you offer?

From weddings in the sky, to heli skiing to private jet holidays one cannot imagine. Its all here with JetSetGo.

Are you also looking at the inbound luxury travel market?

Yes, the inbound travel market is very important to us.

The business aviation sector in India has been going through a slump in recent years, what has been your experience in the last one year? 

What slump? Our experience has been nothing short of fantastic!

– $280 to $350M domestic non-scheduled aviation market with 1.3 million passengers flown in FY’14 through fixed wing and rotary.  

– 200+ airports/airstrips in India capable of landing private jets versus < 30% served by commercial airlines.

– HNI’S, UHNI’S and MNC’s are increasingly turning towards private jets and helicopters to access areas not serviced by commercial airlines. Earlier the same customers were turning to road and rail but this seems to be rapidly changing. With time, comfort and ease taking priority over spends.

– Helicopter or rotary traffic driven from the need for “remote area” or “specific area” connectivity. Industrialists are now increasingly using helicopters as a means to travel from home’s/office head quarters to factories.

– Private jets and helicopters no more being used only by owners of organizations but filtering down to decision makers and management. With time taking precedence over money again.

– Improving macro environment and rapid increase in HNIs/UHNIs in the country providing the basis for bullish outlook by most aircraft manufacturers on demand from India, order books filling up for most of these manufacturers.

– That said the Indian market is still moving more towards a renting economy than an owning economy given the regulatory hurdles of owning and operating your own jet vs renting one.

– Ministry of Civil Aviation-Working Group forecasts a four fold increase in GA traffic at a CAGR of 10% through to 2030. 

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