“BitTitan works with managed service providers, who partner with businesses of various sizes to advise and guide their cloud migrations” – By, Mr. Mark Kirstein, Vice President of Products, BitTitan

  1. What are the biggest innovation trends you see in managed services cloudautomation currently?
    The benefits of cloud automation include the reduction of errors that can occur with manual methods and the reduction of labour costs, especially as processes become more efficient or require less specialized training. As the cloud space continues to mature, we expect to see an increase in hybrid cloud environments along with an increase in automation in both multi-cloud and hybrid cloud settings. We also expect to see more automation around monitoring and measurement of cloud performance as well as security and governance to protect data.
  1. What routes are available for the cloud migration service providers to continue providing these services during lockdown?
    Like many businesses around the world, cloud migration service providers are also working under lockdown conditions. The good news is that many tools, such as BitTitan’s MigrationWiz, enable migrations to be done from a remote location. This is not the case for all tools on the market, so it’s important to look for solutions that enable remote migration and avoid those that require people to go onsite. In limited cases, such as businesses running Lotus Notes, some onsite work may be required even with the best tools. However, MSPs can play a critical role helping companies assess their needs, determine the best tools for the job, and make a migration plan.
  1. BitTitan helps manage cloud technologies through automation. Can you elaborate on the automation technology?
    BitTitan’s MigrationWiz automates migrations, while Voleer helps IT service professionals streamline daily operations and eliminate redundancies with a library of out of the box automations that can be launched in minutes.. For example, with Voleer IT professionals can:
  • Learn, from an automated, in-depth security report, which customers’ accounts have old, weak or breached passwords. Voleer can monitor Office 365 accounts for vulnerabilities and proactively notify users of unusual activity.
  • Identify unused services and lingering accounts in Office 365 to control costs and boost productivity.
  • Identify excessive permissions to keep businesses running with maximum efficiency.
  • Spot accounts that aren’t in compliance with multi-factor authentication policies with one-click.
  • Perform a Microsoft Teams assessment to monitor activity, identify guest users and disable accounts.
  • Create a one-click report to assess Azure VM Protection.
  1. Who are the end clients of BitTitan?
    BitTitan works with managed service providers, who partner with businesses of various sizes to advise and guide their cloud migrations. BitTitan also works directly with IT professionals within organizations that may handle their cloud migration projects internally. Key distributors of MigrationWiz in the APAC region include: Wipro, HCL, Microland, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, 21 Vianet, act 2, Arrow, , Dicker Data, Exceed, , InfoSys, Ingram Micro, Japan Business Systems, SCK Corp, Spilog, Synnex, and Zero One.
  1. Finally, what are BitTitan’s expansion plans in India?
    BitTitan is looking to broaden awareness of and access to its MigrationWiz cloud migration tool through the expansion of distribution channels and partner relationships within India. This will enable service providers in India to easily increase their cloud businesses through migrations to cloud platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 and M365, and G Suite.

BitTitan’s SaaS-based tools, which employ automation for fast and scalable migration projects that minimize downtime and reduce errors by eliminating manual methods, can be immediately and efficiently leveraged throughout the Indian market.

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