Watchful Software Releases TypeWATCH for Individuals Delivering e-Biometrics to the Mass Market

Watchful-Software-LogoMedford, NJ, USA, November 6, 2014: Watchful Software, a leading provider of data-centric information security solutions, has announced that it has released TypeWATCH for Individuals (TW4I), an entry-level version of the company’s advanced persistent security solution. TypeWATCH for Individuals features state-of-the-art e-Biometrics to continuously verify that the people using a computer system are actually the people they say they are. TW4I is a “plug & play” software application that protects anyone’s laptop or desktop against hackers with authentication passwords or tokens. The launch version of TypeWATCH for Individuals is free of charge and immediately available.

TypeWATCH is an e-Biometrics solution that needs no hardware, yet constantly safeguards sensitive systems and applications from unauthorized use. TypeWATCH builds a ‘digital fingerprint’ for users, based upon their unique typing patterns and characteristics. It then monitors for security breaches by constantly analyzing the typing patterns as the machine is in use, to ensure that the person typing is in fact the person to whom the password or token are authorized. If an intruder is detected, TypeWATCH automatically applies the chosen security policy (challenge passwords, notification, lockout, etc.) accordingly, and deploys mitigation actions that can be monitored and audited for compliance purposes.

“TypeWATCH has been a leader in e-biometric security, providing a cutting edge and logical solution to securing information via understanding the differences in typing styles between registered users,” said Charles Foley, CEO, Watchful Software. “TW4I is the next logical step in providing this solution to users worldwide, even to small businesses and individuals. In today’s constant threat environment where systems can be ‘hijacked’ without the user knowing, TypeWATCH will be an ever-vigilant safeguard providing advanced persistent security to anyone at an industry leading price point. We are happy to bring this latest version of TypeWATCH to market today.”

The industry has seen a marked increase in phishing, social engineering, and ‘autobot’ attacks where systems are hijacked by malicious parties. Once they have a valid set of credentials (normally user ID and password), the system and its applications/data are exposed. TypeWATCH now allows anyone to be protected against this type of threat, even if they are a small business or individual home user.

“TW4I is a ‘plug and play’ application that anyone can install to ensure that the people who use our systems are who they claim to be at sign in,” said Rui Melo Biscaia, Director of Product Management, Watchful Software. “Immediately after installing the software, TW4I starts building an e-biometric profile of the user, while he/she is typing on the computer. When the profile is complete TW4I protects the user’s laptop or desktop from intruders. The identity verification of the user is continuously running in the background transparently to the user. Thus, there’s nothing the user needs to do in order for TW4I to provide constant protection.”

TW4I provides a range of threat mitigation options if a breach is detected, from requiring an additional password entry to locking down the system entirely. Users can explore all available options on TW4I and configure their system preferences by clicking on the TypeWATCH icon located on the system tray.

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