Top 10 Mobile Gaming Trends in 2020

According to data from Newzoo and Bright Black Associates, mobile games now account for 51% of the gaming industry’s global revenue. That is followed by 25% for console games and 24% for PC games. The global mobile gaming market was worth a staggering $151.9 billion (USD) in 2019, and it is predicted to be worth $165.9 billion by the end of 2020. But what gaming trends can you expect to see this year? Read on to find out.


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1. Augmented Reality Games 

Augmented reality gaming integrates visual and audio content with your actual environment, in real-time. It is already used by online live casinos like Casumo so that you can interact with a real dealer to play games like poker and roulette. But augmented reality games can also be as simple as a game of checkers. In 2020 and beyond, you can expect to see more and more augmented reality games arriving. 

2. 5G Advancements 

5G began to be rolled out in 2019, and in 2020, it is continuing to transition towards a global digital takeover. Although the high-speed of 5G is a major talking point among gamers and publishers, it is the low latency that excites them the most. 5G is powering advancements in all kinds of gaming areas, including cloud gaming. 

3. Cloud Gaming

Even without the advancements being made with the help of 5G, cloud gaming is expanding the range of possible gaming experiences and creating more accessibility to traditional game titles. In 2019, both Microsoft and Google launched ambitious cloud gaming solutions. And you can expect to see other platforms following-suit soon. 

4. Auto Battler Games 

Also known as auto chess, auto battler is a subgenre of strategy video games. Mobile auto battler games involve the preparation of chess-strategy-like moves as you place characters on a grid-shaped battlefield before fighting your opposition’s characters without any further direct input from the player. The genre became popular with Dota Auto Chess in 2019, and other games soon followed. Auto battlers were among the top ten downloaded mobile games in 2019, and they are becoming even more popular in 2020. 

5. Subscriptions 

Subscription services are being marketed towards more different types of gamers than ever before. However, those monthly subscription fees are being targeted towards hardcore gamers only. In 2019, Google and Apple introduced their subscription services, and you can expect to see more platforms soon following suit. 

6. Hyper-casual Games 

Hyper-casual games are easy-to-play mobile video games that are usually free to play. They became popular in 2017 and then found mainstream popularity in 2019. In 2020, the hyper-casual game is establishing itself as an actual new genre of video-game. You will soon see these games everywhere!

7. Advertising 

Advertising on mobile games is becoming so popular and creating such high levels of profits, that ad monetization will soon be taking over the revenue generated by the actual games. Therefore, studios are merging their monetization and marketing methods to generate more income in 2020. 

8. Blockchain Games 

The technology used for Blockchain cryptocurrency is now widely used in a wide array of sectors, including mobile gaming. Blockchain games store at least some of the data on a decentralized network. In 2020, lovers of Blockchain-based games can look forward to playing gems like Age of Rust, Blankos Block Party, and CryptoWars. 

9. Cross-platform Play 

Cross-platform mobile video games enable players using different gaming hardware to play with one another simultaneously. That means you can now play games like Fortnite, Dauntless, and Rocket League with more people than ever before. Just watch the cross-platform play trend grow in 2020! 

10. Competitive Multiplayer Mobile Games 

One of the best things about mobile games is you can play with others anywhere and anytime. Recently, competitive multiplayer mobile games have become all the rage. That is largely due to eSports becoming a global phenomenon. 2020 competitive games you need to check out include Asphalt 9: Legends, Modern Combat 5, and PUBG Mobile. And Minecraft continues to be one of the most popular competitive multiplayer mobile games of all.

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