5 skills you need to up your fantasy game this season by Dream11

If you’re a sports fan and are hooked on to playing fantasy sports but haven’t really succeeded, here’s some helpful advice for you. Playing fantasy sports requires a lot more than just the ability to pick players and create your virtual team.

Here are 5 skills every sports fan needs to master to bring your fantasy A-game this season!

1.   Research is your best friend

You’ve cringed at some of the most bizarre team selections made by team managers/coaches of your favorite teams. But, when it’s your turn to step into their shoes, can you really be smart enough to make the right choices? The answer lies in research! Lots of it. Picking a fantasy team may sure sound easy, but it’s a tough job considering the many aspects of a game one needs to look at. From researching the players, teams, venues, to digging up the statistics, finding past records, rivalries etc. – you need to dig really deep and then pick your best team!

  1. Activate the ‘neutral’ gear

You may be a die-hard fan of a particular team, but when you’re playing fantasy sports, loyalties must pave way for neutrality. After all, your fantasy team will always need to have a mix of players from two teams. So, as much as you’d love to show off all the knowledge about your favourite team and players, you’re still going to have to swallow your pride and pick players from rival teams.

  1.     Stay ahead of the rest

Every single sports fan who plays online fantasy sports will have access to all the match-related information in an obvious way. But, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to do something different and try to squeeze as much scoop from as many sources. Well, being hyperactive on social media is a great way to do it. A simple press conference video, a tweet, an Instagram story, and suddenly it hits you! Put on the spy cap and stalk ‘em all if you have to.

  1. Be logical, not emotional

Fantasy sports isn’t random pickings, it’s built on logic and needs an analytical mindset. Expand your horizon with as many permutations and combinations. Tempted to pick your favourite player as captain? Don’t give in. Unlike life, there’s no place for emotions in fantasy sports. Be practical. You may not like a certain player, but he might be the one to get you on top!

  1. Don’t take your friend’s advice

Sure, playing fantasy sports with friends takes fun to an all-new level, but not listening to their advice is an art few can master. Never ever pick players based on what your friends tell you. Keep your strategy to yourself, do not share teams and you’ll be a happy soul. It is very easy to skip the hard work and do a lazy job, but that’s only going to cost you a fortune. Think about it!

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