Sony India launches the MASTER Series A9F BRAVIA OLED, comes with Netflix Calibrated Mode and Android TV 8.0 Oreo Operating System

Sony India announced its Master Series A9F BRAVIA OLED. The A9F BRAVIA OLED television comes with unprecedented picture quality by virtue of employing multiple proprietary technologies and solutions. A9F BRAVIA OLED TV creates exquisite contrast, clarity and unprecedented black with over 8 million self-illuminating pixels which are precisely and individually controlled by the new Picture Processor X1 Ultimate. This level of ultimate contrast reveals detail, depth and textures for a view that’s remarkably real. The television also meets the strict criteria of top engineers and makes beautiful scenes a reality. For the first time, one can explore their imagination and see their vision being reproduced at home.

The A9F MASTER Series comes equipped with a newly developed, next-generation Picture Processor X1 Ultimate. This processor plays a vital role in delivering the faithful picture in the MASTER Series.

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With a long history and expertise in developing professional cameras and monitors, Sony recognizes that precision in the crafting of fine components of signal processing results in an immediately visible difference to the whole image. The X1 Ultimate Picture Processor can intelligently detect and analyze each object in the picture through Sony’s new Object-based Super Resolution mechanism for exceptional accuracy and detail. Also, the Object-based HDR remaster has been notably updated and now allows each object to be remastered individually for better depth, accurate texture and all-in-all more realistic picture.

BRAVIA OLED’s brilliant innovations bring more than just incredible picture performance. A9F series delivers sound just like in a concert hall, it comes to the viewers from different directions with Acoustic Surface Audio+. The improved Acoustic Surface Audio+ gets an additional actuator in the center of the screen and an extra subwoofer channel, totaling to a 3.2 channel sound system. The additional center actuator acts just like center speakers hidden behind an AT (acoustically transparent) screen which are found in movie theaters. With the three actuators and two subwoofers facing sideways, the A9F creates a rich sound field that greatly enhances the viewing experience. The new series also has a TV Center Speaker Mode that allows the Acoustic Surface Audio+ to be used as the center speaker of a home theater system which further enables users to hear dialogue, vocals and instruments with exceptional clarity. Acoustic Surface Audio+ creates a rich sound field delivered from three actuators and two subwoofers facing sideways, that immerses the viewers in a whole new entertainment experience.

For MASTER series, in conjunction with Netflix, Sony is now introducing “Netflix Calibrated Mode”. This unique feature was specially developed to mirror the same picture quality as a studio evaluation master for TV, in order to preserve the artists’ creative vision and intent. By accessing one simple menu setting, Netflix Calibrated Mode faithfully reproduces the visuals that help bring a story to life, and entertainment enthusiasts can now enjoy this experience when watching their content on Netflix.

From 4K film, video and still cameras, to game consoles, mobile phones and TV, Sony is the only consumer electronics manufacturer capable of providing 4K solutions to consumers, straight from the lens to their living room.

The flagship A9F TV comes equipped with the Pixel Contrast Booster, which is Sony’s original panel controller for OLED. It maximizes the dynamic range by widening the area of color reproduction at high brightness therefore pictures are enhanced with extra detail and texture. 8 million self-illuminating pixels and Sony-original panel controller for OLED brings in a significantly enriched visual experience with unprecedented black, authentic color, and a wide viewing angle.

Hands-Free Voice Search function on A9F makes navigation really easy. The newly launched TVs have a built-in microphone that allows one to simply speak to the TV to find what user quickly wants, or one can ask it to play TV shows, movies, and more. With Android TV Hands-Free Voice Search, one is free of complicated navigation and tiresome typing.

Sony’s Android TV enables one to explore the world of movies, music, photos, games, search, apps and more. With the launch of A9Fconsumers will be able to get a smarter experience with Android TV 8.0 Oreo that promises a much faster, easier and more intuitive interface for the consumers to use.

The A9F, with its OLED display, represents a masterful fusion of the viewing and listening experience. And all this condensed into a single slate-the screen, with only a stand in the back to hold it up. Its shape and materials are imbued with softness, with a rounded bezel and fabric-covered rear panel. These characteristics allow the A9F to exude an emphatic visual presence, while also blending into its surroundings.

These newly launched models will be available across Sony Center and major electronic stores across India.

Model Best Buy Availability

139 cm (55)

Rs. 3,99,990/- 20th Sep onwards



164 cm (65)

Rs. 5,59,990/- 20th Sep onwards


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