Savera Marketing announces the availability of HIS R9 270 iPower X² Graphic Card with Never Settle Forever Scheme from AMD

HIS-R9-270-iPower-X²-Graphic-CardKolkata, India, June 24, 2014: Savera Marketing Agency, one of the leading IT distributors in India, today has announced the availability of HIS R9 270 iPower X² along with the free game for game lovers in India. R9 270 iPower X² offers latest Boost Clock technology, providing extra performance for the most demanding games and application. AMD Radeon offers ‘Never settle forever‘ scheme to its customers. The scheme offers latest free game titles on purchasing of HIS Graphic Cards.

The HIS iPower IceQ X² Boost Clock is powered by Radeon R9 270, the latest AMD GPU designed to take gamers to the next level. Based on AMD second generation GCN architecture and boasting support for DirectX 11.2, the Radeon R9 270 gives the power to drive the latest games. IPowerX² is designed with one of the superior cooling technologies to make the card cooler and quieter. The noise level will be below 28dB when watching movies, surfing and working.

With Ultra Resolution Gaming, HIS R9 270 provides expansive experience even on a 4k monitor or combining multiple HD monitors. It comes with inbuilt dual axial cooling fans, pass the cool air directly to the GPU directly and 2048 MB memory space.

Vice President at Savera Marketing Subir Mahapatra said, “We are happy to announce the availability of HIS R9 270 Graphic card along with the free game titles from AMD. This is one of the best offer for all the gaming enthusiasts looking out to develop and play the latest games. The HIS special metal rib provides extra strength to the PCBs to avoid warp page, making the cards extra stable and durable. Gamers can count on HIS cards to play for 24/7/365 for years.” 

Price, Warranty and Availability

HIS Graphic Card comes with the MRP of Rs14,500 and available ex-stock carrying 3 years of warranty.

AMD Radeon ‘Never settles forever’ details



3 Games will be free on purchase of AMD Radeon R9 295X2 , R9 290X/290 and R9 280X/280


2 Games will be free on purchase of AMD Radeon R7 265/260X/260 and R9 270X/ 270


1 Game will be free on purchase of AMD Radeon R7 250X , R7 250 and R7 240


Terms and conditions

  • Offer is valid on exclusively on Graphic Card of HIS R7 and R9 series
  • Offers will not clubbed with any other offer

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