EMC launches Data Lake Storage Infrastructure

EMC-LogoNew Delhi, India, March 4, 2015: EMC Corporation has launched the Data Lake Foundation and new features for Isilon that enable next generation use cases and increase capacity 2.5X . With the unprecedented growth of unstructured data, customers are increasingly being challenged with cost effectively managing and deriving value from the data present in different islands of storage. EMC’s Data Lake Foundation consolidates data and applications while delivering analytics wherever needed to address these challenges. EMC Isilon innovations are playing a pivotal role in helping customers eliminate storage silos and provide simpler ways to store and manage data so they can focus efforts toward gaining insights and value from their data.

As the volume and sources of data expand exponentially, traditional techniques to store, manage and analyze information are proving to be too expensive and slow to handle the massive data volumes modern enterprises produce today. Many organizations are also challenged by the proliferation of inefficient storage silos across their enterprises that are difficult to manage and protect. Adding further stress to their IT infrastructure, competitive pressures are driving businesses to adopt next-generation applications to maximize business outcomes. In addition, enterprises understand that just storing data does not add business value unless they are able to cross-correlate data from multiple sources and gain insight from the data.

According to the EMC ‘State of Big Data’ survey conducted in collaboration with IDG, 56% of IT decisions makers in India find the current business environment challenging. IT is now viewed as a strategic enabler to grow business and better connect with customers and the role of big data has emerged as of primary importance with 49% agreeing that their decisions are based on Data Analytics. 34% believe that analyzing data from diverse sources is one of the key challenges that can be addressed through Big Data and 31% feel it can help organizations in making informed strategic decisions. However, despite acknowledging the significance of big data, only 3% of Indian IT decision makers rated the analytical capabilities in their organizations as world-class.

In order to address the ever-growing challenges, EMC through the Data Lake Foundation provides enterprises with:

  • Efficient Storage: Eliminates storage silos, simplifies management, and improves utilization
  • Massive Scalability: Built from scale-out architectures that are massively scalable and simple to manage
  • Increased Operational Flexibility: Multi-protocol and next-generation access capabilities support traditional and emerging applications
  • Enterprise Attributes: Protects data with efficient and resilient backup, disaster recovery and security options
  • In-Place Big Data Analytics: Leverages shared storage and support for protocols such as HDFS to deliver cost-efficient, in-place analytics with faster time to results. 

New platform, New Software and New Capabilities

The new Isilon HD400 platform allows customers to scale their Data Lake Foundation to an unprecedented 50PB within a single cluster. This platform is ideal for customers who require a powerful, scalable, high-capacity platform to store between 2PB and 50PB. This capacity is ideal for Deep Archiving, Disaster Recovery and for building out a high-capacity Data Lake Foundation. Further, the extremely dense (3.2PB/ rack) HD400 will help reduce operational expenses including power, cooling and datacenter floor space expense by 50%.

In addition to the new HD400 platform node, the new features in the OneFS 7.2 operating system now supports integrated  HDFS 2.3 and HDFS 2.4 and enhanced security and authentication features for mission critical environments. Support for OpenStack Swift enables next gen workloads andadds simultaneous object, file and Hadoop access to the same in the Data Lake, eliminating islands of storage, reducing complexity and costs.


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