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Broadcom-WICEDWICED Sense Based Accident Detection and Response System

Created by Kiran Nayak, Broadcom engineer in Bangalore, it is intended for emergency-response use. It uses WICED Sense technology and WICED Care (WI-Care) in an Android app that speeds the detection of road accidents and hastens emergency response. A WICED Sense device is placed within a vehicle and connects to WI-Care. If the device senses an accident, it sends an immediate alert for help and the exact location of the accident as a Google Map link to emergency contacts to help improve response time.

ViSi Mobile System by Sotera Wireless

Connect patients with physicians anywhere, anytime ViSi Mobile System allows clinicians to continuously monitor all core vitals in a wearable and non-invasive package. Measures and displays blood pressure, pulse oximetry, heart rate, ECG, respiration rate and skin temperature.

Wi-Fi Weight Scale by Blip
Control your health with help from your devices – monitor your weight in a smart way, with the Wi-Fi Weight Scale by Blip, you can just use your home Wi-Fi network to track weight and BMI on any connected device to upload the readings. It gives you the most accurate readings possible, regardless of where the scale is set up. Also, it is heavy duty, with a load limit rated over 400 lbs.

Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat by Honeywell

Smart home tech made simple
Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat can be controlled from anywhere. Just program your thermostat from your computer, tablet or smartphone with the free app and you can control your home from anywhere around the world. It has
customizable features and smart responses that understand your heating and cooling cycles to deliver just the right temperature, right when you want it . Broadcom’s WICED Wi-Fi enabled Auto-alerts, Advanced Fan/Comfort Control, Locking Touchscreen, Indoor Humidity Sensor are some of the other features that make managing your smart home easier.

LED Smart Bulb by Lifx (X2)
Control lighting on your phone
Now you can use your smartphone to control even the bulbs in your house. You can turn on one bulb or a group of bulbs, change colors, dim lighting, receive notifications and set security modes for when you are away at the click of your smartphone with WICED enabled LED Smart Bulbs.

Smoke + CO Alarm by Nest
Safety shouldn’t be annoying
Nest Protect gives you an early warning “Heads-Up” in a human voice to tell you smoke or CO levels are rising and also gives you human voice alarms when there is an emergency. Nest Protect will send a message to your phone or tablet if there’s a problem. But if you want, you can check on things any time. Just open the Nest app to see the status of your Nest Protect.

MyQ Garage Door Controller by Chamberlain
Simple and secure
You can control your garage door from anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi and a smartphone or a tablet. It is designed to work with garage door openers that use safety reversing sensors located at the bottom of the
garage door track. It is easy to install and works with your home’s Wi-Fi.


Let’s Rock ‘n’ Roll
Now you can carry your guitar anywhere and start jamming right away. The world’s first Smart Guitar, Jamstik, is very portable, and easily connects to your smartphone or tablet to produce sounds like a piano, drums, harp, even a sitar, and many more. The Jamstik is a guitar and lessons in one. The free jamTutor app is all you need to start playing in minutes.

Halo Hearing Aid by Starkey
Crystal clear sound
Imagine a technology that isolates the noise and delivers crystal clear sound that you need or want to hear. WICED powered Starkey Halo gives you an enhanced experience of hearing with noise-reduction technology and improved high frequency audibility that lets you personalize your desired sound quality through TruLink, Starkey’s
hearing control app. Halo hearing aids are engineered to work with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It enhances your music and media streamed to your iPhone and enables clear, hands-free conversations.

Galaxy Gear2 by Samsung
Let your wrist do the talking
Smart watches are getting smarter. Samsung Galaxy Gear2 allows you to make and receive calls and read more on a large AMOLED display making communication smooth. Enjoy seamless communication, instant notification, everyday captures with the builtin camera, a personalized fitness tracker and much more.

Smart Fashion
AiQ Smart Clothing Inc. is where electronics merge with textiles to create fashionable, functional, comfortable solutions to meet your everyday needs. Whether it’s in sports & fitness, outdoor & leisure, home & leisure, home care & health care, we have the drive and capability to make Smart Clothing concepts into reality.

Toy Car by UPRTek
Your smartphone puts you in the driver’s seat
Turn your smartphone into a controller for your toy car and rev up the fun with an easy-to-use application. The toy car comes with a WICED powered dongle that is highly compatible with today’s array of smartphones. The compact size and low power consumption makes it ideal for long gaming involvement.

iGrill by iDevices
The BBQ lover’s dream
Grill away to perfection and impress your family and friends with the iGrill. Just insert the iGrill probe into the meat you’d like to track, let the free app know what you’re tracking and leave your iGrill by the side of the grill (or
smoker). What makes it more special is that you can remotely keep a close watch on the temperature progression of your meat right from your smart device and receive an alert once the food is ready with the help of WICED
Bluetooth capabilities.

Being Responsible
Breathometer detects and monitors your alcohol consumption and helps you to make dependable decisions. It works on simple Bluetooth wireless connectivity and transforms your smartphone into a breathalyzer in seconds
with reliable accuracy. Just breathe into it and your smartphone will tell you if you should be driving tonight or not.

Nimbus by Quirky
Track what’s important to you
Picture a life where a device keeps track of your calendar appointments, weather, commute/traffic times, social media activity, emails and alarms. Nimbus puts your digital life in physical form with a 4-dial customizable
dashboard managed through a mobile device application to keep an array of info up-to-date and available at a glance. Nimbus can monitor all the said things and more.


LeapPad Ultra by Leapfrog
Kid-perfect tablet
How to ensure that kids learn faster? LeapPad Ultra by Leapfrog makes sure the kids browse age-appropriate content via Wi-Fi on the large, high resolution screen. This is the ideal educational tool for kids in the age of 4 – 9 years Built from the ground up just for kids and drop-tested for kid-tough durability.

Sprouting baby monitor
Happy parenting
A wearable band is all that it takes to understand your baby’s sleeping habits, heart rate, skin temperature, motion and position. Using the app on your phone, you can check up on your baby anywhere, anytime. Be a good parent.

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