ZTE Complets 30 Years in the Market

ZTE-new-LogoNew Delhi, India, February 20, 2015: ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet has an exciting cusp of announcement: the appointment of its new CEO, Liu Peng, alongside its completion of successful 30 years in the telecommunications industry.

As a PHD in engineering, Liu carries rich experience in marketing, sales and business development. Liu joined ZTE as a sales director post which he was elevated to the role of managing director, sales, and spearheading assignments in countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Africa, and India. Liu, with his credentials, is now serving as the newly appointed CEO in the burgeoning Indian telecom market.

“After 30 years in the market, ZTE has honed a forward thinking strategy for the next 30 years: M-ICT that seeks to move away from pure technological products towards the idea of satisfying consumers’ needs through technology’, said Liu Peng. ‘Speaking at this intersection of this announcement, in 2015 we have a renewed focus on ‘user needs’ thinking instead of ‘internet thinking’. ‘The ‘M-ICT era’ is the era of a mobile Internet of Things: it has developed from a keen understanding of the special features of ZTE outlined above as well as users’ requirements”, added Liu Peng.

On this promising occasion some of ZTE’s key partners and well-wishers congratulated the newly appointed CEO and on being in the industry for thirty years.

‘We would like to congratulate ZTE for its stupendous market performance not just in India but also its business success in China & US. We think they have been very adaptive in their product launches whilst keeping pace with the Indian market’s versatility,’ and we wish the best to the newly appointed Dr. Peng in his new role” said Dmitry Shukov, Chief Executive Officer, Sistema Shyam Teleservices MTS.

ZTE is the fifth largest telecom vendor with its spread across 160 countries and an accolade of being the leader in LTE with 13 % of 4G LTE patents.  From the time of inception ZTE’s main mission was to bring affordable communication to everyone. Commencing its humble beginnings in the Indian market in 1999, selling 25 million handsets in India through telecom service providers such as RCOM, BSNL, Tata Teleservices & Vodafone Essar and its entry into the open handset market in 2013 and selling its premium smartphones via e-commerce platform has been an exciting journey for ZTE.

India is ZTE’s third biggest smartphone market after United States and China. And to further bolster its positioning in the Indian market, ZTE aims at clocking sales of 1 million smartphones in India by the end of December 2015

Quick Facts:  

2015: Striving to become a CGO company in the M-ICT era facing 50 billion connectivity

2014: M-ICT strategy confirmed, helping one billion people across the globe to achieve mobile communication connectivity

2011: Ranking No.1 in terms of PCT patent filings with 2826 total applications

2010: Annual revenue over a dozen billion dollars

2008: Completing production of 100 million phones

2007: Making a breakthrough in the main stream BIG T global revenue over 50% for the first time

2004: H-shares listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange – the first dual listed company in the mainland China

1996: The first ZXJ10 large-capacity switch successfully developed, ending the situation of seven countries, eight kind of standards

1999: Entry to the Indian market

1985: Seven entrepreneurs headed towards South establishing Zhongxing Semiconductor company bridging the plan and market economy

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