QuEST Global announces availability of Smart Defect Inspection application for high-precision manufacturing companies

QuEST Global announced the availability of its GUI based Smart Defect Inspection (SDI) application powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The application, designed for high-precision manufacturing companies like semiconductor chip manufacturers, will enable real-time defect inspection & diagnosis, product quality inspections, and prognosis and ensure optimal equipment usage.

The platform-agnostic SDI application is built with Deep Learning (DL) technology for intelligent defect inspection and it can enable self-learning abilities for smarter decision making. The application aims to resolve three critical challenges for manufacturers – low yield/throughput, sub-optimal utilization of expensive equipment, and the health hazards faced by human inspectors. The SDI application also ensures maximum ROI from expensive equipment by targeting an ideal uptime of round the clock operations.

The company has successfully implemented the application as a Proof of Concept to a couple of semiconductor equipment OEMs. The application can help OEMs in detecting defects from Scanning Electron Microscope and optical inspection images, and classifying semiconductor wafer defects to reduce overkill by up to 30%, giving attention to underkill from conventional computer vision techniques. This all-in-one, real-time detection system with deep learning & edge computing is also compatible with existing image capturing devices, and offers enhanced decision-making capabilities using Deep Learning algorithms.

Elaborating further on its significance and value it will provide to the manufacturing industry, Piyush Jain, Vice President & Head of Delivery – APAC, QuEST Global, said, “We are delighted to make our new Smart Defect Inspection application available to the OEMs in the high precision manufacturing industry. Designed to empower human inspectors for automating inspection with a simple and intuitive GUI, the application can help OEMs increase yield and aims to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness – the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. Along with business benefits to the OEMs, the SDI application also aims to reduce visual stress of the human inspectors, keeping health hazards at bay and improving their overall health.”

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