Oracle Academy to offer free access to Oracle Cloud, training in Oracle Autonomous Database for educators and curriculum for students

Oracle announced Oracle Cloud Free Tier, including new Always Free services for anyone to try the world’s first self-driving database and Gen 2 Cloud infrastructure for an unlimited time. Oracle Academy Institutional member educators and their students will be able to access these cloud services and free cloud credits through a new Oracle Academy Cloud Program. The program includes new training for teachers and curriculum centered around Oracle Autonomous Database to help learners deepen their understanding, expand their skillset, and gain hands-on experience using the world’s first and only self-driving database.

Elizabeth Snyder, Vice President, Oracle Human Resources and Philanthropy, said, “Nearly nine in ten jobs requiring IT skills now fall outside of the traditional tech sector, according to the latest study by Oracle Academy and Burning Glass Technologies. As workforce demands become more tech-centric, computing education is increasingly important for all students. Providing educators with free training, as well as access to the cloud and innovative technology like Oracle Autonomous Database, offers a springboard to success for the millions of students Oracle Academy reaches every year.”

Oracle Cloud Free Tier for Oracle Academy

In early 2020, Oracle Academy will offer its Institutional members access to the new Oracle Cloud Free Tier, which provides Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as Always Free services for educators and students to learn, build, and explore. Oracle Academy’s offering is free of charge and tailored to the unique requirements of educational institutions and educators. Educators will also receive training to teach students about Oracle Autonomous Database, which delivers unprecedented availability, performance, and security to drive innovation.

For Oracle Academy Institutional members, the new offering includes:

  • Always Free cloud databases and infrastructure: Access Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure; develop in Oracle Application Express (APEX), Java, Node.js, Python and many other programming languages.
  • Free Trial credits: $300 USD in free cloud credits for a full year for educators and students to try over 20 cloud services for infrastructure, databases, application development, analytics, integration, content and experience, management, and security.
  • Autonomous Database training: Free training for educators and comprehensive Oracle Autonomous Database curriculum for students.
  • Easy educator and student signup: Simple signup for Oracle Cloud Free Tier, and educators will be able to easily create free student accounts.

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