What 5G Will Mean for Modern Marketing

The imminent widespread arrival and implementation of the 5th generation of wireless networking (5G) has been argued as a game changer for all aspects of digital life, and marketing is no exception. Consumer behaviour is expected to change quite dramatically as the technology emerges and this will affect the manner that digital marketing takes place. This article provides a discussion as to how 5G is going to affect digital marketing.

 The Aspects of Marketing That 5G Will Improve and Adapt

  • Increased numbers of people around the globe will use mobile phones for communication. It is expected that the improved bandwidths will allow more people to be connected more frequently to the internet. Simple communication, such as text messaging, will see increases in use, with video messaging and voice messaging becoming much simpler and easier for all. With text messages improving based on 5G capabilities, it is going to be possible to engage with a lot more people all over the world. Platforms, like Tatango, that are used for fundraising and political campaigns are expected to continue to grow and expand. With more businesses than ever before using the humble text message in their digital marketing, this is only expected to increase as 5G take hold.
  • The faster speeds and decreased latency of 5Gwill allow for much more complex and detailed marketing media and content to be sent, accessed, and interacted with on smart mobile devices. 5G is expected to be roughly 10 times faster than the current 4G networks and, thus, watching movies, accessing media, short clips, texts (ProTexting – Number 1 SMS Marketing Platform), and interacting with the brands we like is likely to become more popular on mobile devices on the 5G network. This will allow for marketers to use more video, richer websites and email designs, and an overall increased interaction and feedback from their customers on these channels.
  • Advanced tech experiences, such as the metaverse, will become a reality. The arrival and implementation of 5G will allow the concept of the metaverse to come to life and be realized. The metaverse is already out there and spaces, such as Minecraft and games like Fortnite, are the early examples, but as virtual reality is improved, the 5G networks allow more time to be spent in these spaces. Social, economic, and marketing processes have all become more human as consumers are now able to do all this online, yet while with others, and looking and interacting with others in this online space. The metaverse will change digital marketing, allowing it to become increasingly interactive and improve the human component. The inclusion of AR and VR as genuine digital marketing tools is surely going to be one of the major changes that 5G is bringing to the marketing space.

Modern marketing has begun to become increasingly holistic, and as the concept of omnichannel marketing comes to the fore, it is arguably going to the advances in technology, such as the widespread arrival of 5G, that will see some of the most significant changes in digital marketing.


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