PrecisionMatch launches Video and Audience Reach Network

PrecisionMatch-LogoNew Delhi, India, October 6, 2014: PrecisionMatch is one of the only players to have built a Programmatic capability from a Brand perspective through its Audience Segments, exhaustive publisher list and its DSP relationships. The new leg of development brings home the much-touted market of Brand Video Advertising that enhances the online user experience and works beautifully for the advertisers on a contextually-relevant environment. 

“We are making Video a Programmatic Brand experience in the true sense across mobile and web”, says Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi, Business Head- PrecisionMatch. 

PrecisionMatch with its Video delivery offering is customizing Audience delivery modes across web and mobile laced on context and rich media.  There is almost no other player now in the market which is a single stop-shop for Video + Context + Rich engaging Media backed by Audience. The team claims to have delivered significantly better Video Play rates (almost 60% more efficient) compared to any other player in the market since they actively use Audience Data for very effective targeting. 

The new formats including Video in-Read, Video Locator, and Vdo-Vation are some of the formats that PrecisionMatch has launched on its platform to deliver on Audience data. 

PrecisionMatch not only provides comprehensive Video metrics for its campaigns, but also lets advertisers openly validate their Reach objectives through Audience Validation Tools.  If they so desire, they can add on a Brand Lift Study to measure campaign performance beyond just CTRs and other traditional performance metrics. 

The Brand space will see a new player emerging across verticals with very precise and quality Reach through some of the most creative formats.  PrecisionMatch claim to use human-audited sites, with full transparency and fully viewable options without annoying the user. The advertiser also has an option to pay only when the commercial is fully viewed. 

PrecisionMatch is the first provider of high quality Audience Reach for Display advertising in India, SEA and MEA. It has become the only Brand player in the market within the ad network space that has built a multi-format and multi-channel ability along with Audience data.  Some of the key advertiser segments that it works with are FMCG, Travel, Airlines, Consumer Durables, Retail, E-commerce etc. Over the last 12 months, it has witnessed considerable growth and currently has a pool of 230 million Cookies that are now accessible via media reach.

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