6 Tips for Creating Your Own Website

Whether you are a professional or a small business or have a non-profit organization, you cannot imagine surviving without having a website. If hiring a web designing agency is not an option for you, you can always create your own website. You can use many website builders to design your own site by following a few simple steps.

Follow these tips when creating your own website.

1. Select a Reliable Host

There are many hosting platforms and you should choose a reliable one.

  • It is always best to choose a platform that has been in existence for years
  • The biggest web hosting services can also provide you with complete site building tools. For example, you should read GoDaddy website builder review to learn about the tools such a service provides
  • Don’t just consider cheap hosting solutions. Look for platforms that charge average and offer high quality services

2. Own the Domain

You will need to host your website and choose a domain name. It is best to purchase and own the domain. When you own the domain it is going to add credibility to your brand name. It will create a professional image and tell your target audience that you are serious about your business. Look for a well-known web hosting service that sells domain names and provides you total web designing and hosting solutions.

3. Create Your Own Content

Since you will want to handle all aspects of your website yourself, you should also consider creating your own content.

  • Determine what your website is going to say
  • If you have the writing skills, it is best that you yourself create your website content
  • If you are going to hire a content writing service, make sure to brief the writer about the message you want to send across
  • The content should clearly state the purpose
  • Tell your target audience what your business or service can do for them
  • Make sure to include calls to action in your content

4. Create a Page Hierarchy

Make sure your website consists of multiple pages. Many website owners who create their website prefer having a simple format with a single-page site. While there is nothing wrong with it, it is highly recommended to create a site having different pages like:

  • About Us
  • Home Page
  • Contact Us
  • Portfolio

It is also recommended to add a blog to your website. It can significantly contribute to your site’s SEO and boost your search rankings.

5. Add a Personal Touch

As already mentioned, make sure to add an About Us page in your website. You can showcase the key members in your team and tell the story behind each one.

  • Make sure to add the photo of the founder and other team members
  • Adding a more personal touch helps create a better personal connect with your target audience
  • Make sure to tell the story of each professional, especially their qualifications, experience, and accomplishments

It makes a huge difference when you tell your story and mention what value you want to deliver to your clients. It should be much more than just making money.

6. Maintain Simple Design Elements

Whether you are going to use templates to create your website or get the help of a graphic designer, it is recommended to maintain simplicity in design. While it can be tempting to choose bright colors and flashy designs, you should focus on keeping the theme closer to your brand colors.

So make sure to follow these tips when designing your own website.

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