Lottoland India review 2020

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Since opening up in 2013, Lottoland has revolutionized the term online lottery for literally anyone in the world. Since then, Lottoland provides online lottery in India, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Gibraltar, and Australia, among many others.

In this article, we’re going to cover everything there is to know about Lottoland in India. But before we do that, we feel that it is just as important to open up about what Lottoland is and whether it is safe.

What is Lottoland?

If it wasn’t clear already, Lottoland is an online lottery or betting site that enables participant soccer players to bet on various lottery games online. These lotteries can either be local or even international. That’s the kind of facility that Lottoland offers.

Lottoland offers fast and guaranteed payouts to its players, offers a plethora of games and bonuses, as well as support for some of our favorite lotteries.

Is Lottoland legal in India?

Considering the regulations and policies around the world, it’s not difficult to wonder whether or not lotteries are legal in India or not. Well, the good news for all Indian folk out there; Lottoland is, in fact, legal in India.

Lottoland is regulated and licensed by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, the Irish National exercise license office, and the gambling Commission of Great Britain. As such, it is bound by the same regulations and rules as other renowned gambling companies. Whatever your winnings are in Lottoland will be paid in full to all registered accounts.

To prove that you can trust the platform, Lottoland incorporates a 128-bit Alpha SSL type of encryption. It guarantees the absolute protection of one’s personal information and includes several extra layers of security to any financial transaction that occurs within or out of the casino.

How Does Lottoland Provide Online Lottery In India?

To understand how Lottoland provides online lottery in India, you need to know that the platform operates differently than its competitors. Unlike most other lotteries that you may have seen or know of, Lottoland allows players to bet on the outcomes of the draws, based on the very same prizes like that of an official lottery. In other words, you’re placing a bet on official lottery numbers instead of buying a ticket.

What’s fascinating about Lottoland is that it offers us payouts for any wins, whether big or small. We can also withdraw our winnings whenever we like. To put this bluntly, we get quicker payouts and lots of jackpots.

Lottoland India Welcome Bonus

If you’re a fan of welcome bonuses, then boy oh boy, does a Lottoland have a treat for you.

Not only is the welcome bonus of Lottoland bigger than ever before, but it also doubles your odds of winning at the Powerball, AKA, the lottery game with the biggest jackpot around. How is this possible? Buying one Powerball ticket from Lottoland gives you another one for free.

If that wasn’t enough, players are immediately alerted of promotions as soon as some of the best Lottery sites from around the world regularly update their bonuses and promotions.

Besides getting a welcome bonus from Lottoland, you’ll also be notified of promotions from the given international lotteries:

  • EuroMillions
  • Mega Millions
  • Keno 24/7
  • EuroJackpot

This offer is valid for one ticket as a one-time offer. What’s more, is that these tickets are 10% off. We recommend trying out every one of them to avail the best opportunity to win as much as possible.

But before you can avail of all the latest lottery bonuses and promotions, you’ll first need to create an account and then sign up for the platform’s newsletter. You’ll be offered personalized promotions depending on whatever lottery games you play as well as general bonuses.

We also like to add that you keep an eye out for deposit bonuses and complimentary lottery tickets.

Options for Payment and Withdrawal

While Lottoland doesn’t have a bevy of payment and withdrawal options, the ones they offer are typically basic but efficient. While in India, your options include debit or credit cards, bank transfers, or e-wallets including Skrill and NetTeller. Lottoland also offers a unique payment option via Rupay card, which is India’s sole lottery operator.

We suggest opting for the e-wallet auction when it comes to withdrawals, as it could take around a week to be credited to your registered account via credit cards.

At the moment, Lottoland does not accept cryptocurrencies as payments or withdrawals, be it Bitcoin, Litecoin, or anything else. Despite that, however, you’ll still be able to play Bitcoin lotteries such as Bitcoin Jackpot.

To receive your payout, you’ll need to provide Lottoland the following information:

  • Proof and verification of address
  • A copy of your personal identity credentials
  • Credit card copy

We’d also like to add that it’s important you select India as the country you reside in when making your account.

Customer Service

Lottoland in India offers players two ways to get in touch with her customer support team: live chat and email. Email is an old favorite that is still viable these days, and live chat is easily the more favorite of the two as it offers instant feedback from the customer service department.

Besides that, the official website of the platform has a FAQs page containing a list of answers to some of the most common questions asked around. You’ll definitely find whatever questions you have regarding the platform. If not, then we suggest using the live chat option.

Reasons To Play Lottoland In India

And finally, we’ll give a brief conclusion by listing the reasons why you need to try your luck with Lottoland.

Reasons To Play Lottoland

  • Zero hidden costs
  • Excellent welcome bonus
  • Exclusive lotteries in India
  • 100% safe and secured
  • An unbelievable number of jackpots and payout options


So the next time you want clarification on why Lottoland provides an online lottery in India, always refer to this article.

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