How Big Data Is Revolutionising Personalised Casino Experience

The advent of big data has benefited the business sector over the years. It is not only just a large quantity of data but also refers to an amazing technology that is aimed at usage, processing and finding necessary information from huge data sets. With the power to process and analyse structured and unstructured data with a number of tools, approaches, and methods, big data has found its way into the casino sector as well.

What type of data is used by big data for processing? 

A good marketing strategy is based on attracting new customers while retaining the older ones. It is necessary to classify the data to create the best method of communication and interaction with the player. Big data uses a number of data set to classify players and use it properly to maximise the casino’s profit. The casino collects information on the player’s total time spent in each game, frequency of the customer support usage, full statistics of losses and winnings, the total amount of money spent in each game, communication with other players: whether the players interact and how often and. data on all financial transactions.

This information can be processed by big data to provide a personalised casino experience to the user. Other data sets include the player’s total time spent on the website, full information about the player’s actions on the site, socio-demographic information and the player’s response to numerous bonus and promotional offers. 

How Big Data is used by casinos? 

To determine the wants and interests of the target audience, data analysis has been used for a long time. In the casino market, online casino operators, software developers, and bookmakers have benefited a lot by incorporating the technology with their casino business. With big data, the casino companies are able to create a customised product that matches every expectation of the target customer.

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It can be used in a number of ways: an advanced range of services and products, bonus policy to attract and retain customers, promotion, interface and navigation of virtual gambling resource, website layout and design, and overcome marketing and advertising difficulties.

  • To develop gaming strategies – Big data can be used to develop strategies for casino games like Baccarat, Poker, and Blackjack. Here, let us take an example of Poker. The game of Poker has grown in complexity over the years. Gaming profiles related to online tournaments, Poker tournaments can be created with the help of data analysis. This will allow players to have a realistic evaluation of realistic odds, critical analysis and how well they might fare in a particular game. A number of apps and online casinos use big data to provide realistic statistics that can be tracked by regular players to develop strategies. The gambling analytics in this information age has proven to be a boon for the gamblers.
  • Improve marketing strategies – Marketing is the heart of every business including the casino business. The personalised data analysis was used by bookmakers first to determine post game results, scoring patterns, winning patterns and understand realistic odds. The online casinos use big data analysis to target customers with personalised online offers.

For example, if you play Blackjack games at a particular casino, you will get more offers on Blackjack games. Regular casinos also use big data to analyse what types of games the players play like online roulette, blackjack and more, what patterns they use in a game and even what types of food they prefer. This information can be processed to provide players with a unique experience that varies from customer to customer.

  • Foretelling game outcomes – Weird as it may seem, but the big data used by Google (Google BigQuery) managed to predict the result of 14 out of 16 matches of the 2014 Brazil World Cup. This is the power of big data in predicting game results, Through predictive analysis, players can use big data to understand how the other players play and use it accordingly to compare their data and develop counter strategies. This is great for learning advanced table game tricks from seasoned players.
  • Improving the service standard – Casino companies can push targeted notifications and messages to customers before launching a particular product or service that they like. Over 675 of the UK respondents told that they will like to stay loyal with a casino if they provide personalised casino experiences in a survey by Talented. Even green gambling measures can be tweaked with big data to track the gambling behaviours of players and send them required push messages to let them know if they are playing for a long time. The possibilities are endless!



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