Focus Softnet launches new Apps Store at GITEX Technology Week 2014

Group-CEO-of-Focus-Softnet-Ali-HyderDubai, UAE, October 16, 2014: Focus Softnet has launched its new Apps Store to offer customers an easier, faster and more cost-effective way to buy Focus’ ready-to-use business application add-ons ranging from ERP apps to vertical-specific apps. The new Apps store will allow the company’s customers to choose between PC, web and mobile apps that best suit their business requirements.

“Focus Softnet has been developing Enterprise solutions for 22 years now. We not only have generic enterprise solutions but have also developed customised and bespoke solutions for many of our customers. While our solutions are agile and flexible, certain businesses or industries have their own nuances when it comes to interfacing with the application, and also when it comes to reporting. The Apps now available in the Apps Store provide that crucial vertical-specific or client-specific last mile which completes the expected user experience with the core ERP applications. In keeping with the current mobility trends, we have developed several mobile apps for our solutions in addition to the PC and Web apps. Over time, we have amassed a sizeable library of these apps that we had been developing and deploying for bespoke customers and now, it logically made sense for us to package these apps and make them ready-to-buy products,” says Ali Hyder, Group CEO at Focus Softnet. 

“The core concept behind the launch of our Apps Store was in the packaging and presentation of the Apps Portfolio that we carry. In keeping with global trends, we embraced the Apps Store design for two main purposes, ease of use in terms of finding the appropriate app relevant to the business/customer requirement, and clarity of understanding, wherein the layout of the Apps Store makes the purpose of the Apps fairly straightforward and easy to understand. Clients, both existing and prospective, can now look at Apps in the Apps Store and immediately identify the App that would be ideally suited to the solution they wish to implement, and our technology consultants can build the package around that specific requirement to deploy an end-to-end solution. Our core products were always listed on our website, and now, through the new Apps Store, their extensions are made equally visible. Our clients should now find it much easier to pick through the store and identify solutions that they require,” Mr. Hyder adds. 

Hosted on the company’s website ( under ‘Our Apps’ section, Focus Softnet’s new App store features a wide range of Apps for the PC, Web and Mobile platforms.  Some of the Apps listed on the website are Web-apps such as Utility Billing and Machine and Job allocation, PC Apps such as Media Planner, Business Intelligence – Sales, Employee Appraisal, Quotation Analysis, Product query, Accounts payable, Bulk emailing, Payment reminder notifications and Consignment sales and mobile apps such as Focus i Mobile, e-RMS Customer, Inventory app, E-RMS waiter app, Focus M-POS and Customer Self Service. Focus Softnet will be adding many more apps in the coming months.

“Our diverse presence in a wide array of global industries uniquely gave us the opportunity to develop Apps for virtually all business verticals. With the App store, we are targeting customers that fit the same business, industry or vertical for which these apps were written in the first place. For eg: if we have developed an app for a restaurant, that particular app would be universal to all restaurants because that is a core application that the business is running. Similarly this applies to all apps for different verticals such as retail, car rentals, property etc.” 

Focus Softnet’s recently redesigned website has brought in a new way in which they interact with customers, who can log into the App store from any corner of the world and review regional customer case study references. The company has different kinds of support available in different regions as well as online support on the main website itself. Through a chat utility that has been integrated into the website for sales and for support, customers can contact and chat with an executive from the Focus team who will be able to assist them with all their queries.

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