The Top 2019 Android Security Trends

Android has been the talk of the town this past one year. Not only did they manage to dethrone Microsoft from its throne as the operating system that garners the most about of internet usage at 37.93% when compared to Microsoft’s 37.91%. And that is a big step in the right direction for Google who only about half a decade back held only 2.4% of internet usage the world over.

However, even though youngsters are using Android to get access to the internet, the common consensus is that they aren’t quite sure of how protected their data is when it comes to the operating system. For instance, you might love playing games online with a caesars casino bonus code, but did you think as to how safe it actually is? Working on your Android phone comes with its risks, especially if you do not have the right tools.

The Top Android Security Trends You Need to Watch Out For

And it is for this reason that Google has come up with a multitude of security trends for the year 2019, to keep you from worrying about your privacy.

  1.    Trend Micro:

One of the best app for phone security, its malware detection is rated at 99.9%. With no effect on battery life and your phone’s performance, it never provides you with the wrong information. The app also has tools to help you against phishing and protects your privacy with the help of a scanner on Facebook. It also has features like call filtering and app locking amongst others. To avail the premium version, you need to pay a yearly fee of $36, but you can also get a limited version for free on the play store.


  1.    Sophos Mobile Security:

This security app is rated a 100% and has a scanning feature that includes media storage as well as scanning of the apps that are already on your phone. Plus, it has provisions for theft or loss. You can wipe and lock your phone with the help of a simple SMS. With the availability of app password protection and blocking of spam, this app- which can be downloaded for free, is a steal. However, it sometimes might falsely warn you about good software as well- it’s the only drawback.

  1.    AVG:

Rated between 99.9% and 100%, this is one security app that does not return false positives. It also has no effect whatsoever on your battery life or the performance of your phone. You can lock your phone, your apps, and your private media with the help of the app. The best feature about this phone is that it has a Camera trap that takes photos of the person who tries to unlock your phone, without your permission.

Thus, in the new year, we can not only use our internet more freely, but we can, rest assured, be more secure when it comes to our privacy while using the Android platform once we download these security apps on our phone.

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