“In less than 15 minutes, retailers can be on board with ONGO by chatting with a machine (bot) or an agent” – By, Mr. Rama Kuppa, Founder & CEO- ONGO Framework

"In less than 15 minutes, retailers can be on board with ONGO by chatting with a machine (bot) or an agent"  - By, Mr. Rama Kuppa, Founder & CEO- ONGO Framework 1Can you briefly mention about ONGO Retail platform?

ONGO Retail platform is to manage the entire sales lifecycle from inventory management to product management, supply chain management, etc. The software is to maximize onboard retail sales that are scalable and customizable. As a low/No-code framework. We would accelerate the digital economy by empowering, enabling, and enriching the businesses digitally.

What kind of features are you providing for retailers through this application?

ONGO Retail is an excellent choice for retailers who are seeking to gain continuous growth in a highly competitive market. We offer innovative new solutions to transact and manage customers in the neighborhood digitally. Will empower the business with world-class mobile/web technology to receive and manage orders, schedule/real-time delivery, Loyalty, wallets, store management, etc.

How much time does ONGO Retail would ideally take to develop an application for a retailer? How does the integration take place?

In less than 15 minutes, retailers can be on board with ONGO by chatting with a machine (bot) or an agent. From there on, It is all about adding their data, menus, product information, offers and services and what is required to make them enable. We have facilitated a panel based on the payment gateway, SMS gateway just has to update. All integrations are pre-activated; they have to update accordingly.

Please share views on data protection for both retailers and consumers? How secure is your platform?

For retailers, we do follow all the GDPR and compliances that are required. There two options we are providing to the retailers share hosting and private hosting. Both for Share hosting and private hosting, data is being protected. In private hosting, retailers will have additional security compliance.

No customer gets into the system without encryption; nobody can view their data such as password, email, and phone numbers, etc. But buying patterns of the customers can be visualized by retailers. As a technology platform, we provide encryption ready and security ready for both customers and retailers. We are compliance with all the security protocols for retailers and customers.

What are the major advantages for the consumers, the application brings forward?

The core of the ONGO framework is our commitment to provide all-around digital transformation for the businesses to build a premiere digital society and enhance the customer experience.  Ensure and enable search commerce for the consumer; wherever they are, they can quickly identify the local business. Interact with them and perform commerce transactions with local businesses. At the same time, customers have a more fabulous experience and accessibility to products and services round the clock. 

Does your application cater to only small time retailers or SMEs as well?

We are providing end-to-end solutions for the business irrespective of SME or MSME. As per technology standpoint, customers remain the same, but it differs purely based on the usage pattern. We, as a technology provider, act as catalysts enabling them to think beyond their existing state. In this digital world, everybody is MSME right now. It is up to business owners how they want to position themselves.

How much do you intend to charge for developing applications/websites? How do you see the traditional retail shaping during and post COVID situation?

We provide a Saas Model to help small retailers in a big way; it is no more capital expenditure; it can be minimal operational expenditure, or technology conveyance fee. Because of Framework, we will charge Saas fee, not a capital expenditure. During this COVID scenario, the customer behavioral pattern has changed. They started experiencing digital space. Post-Lockdown the behavioral trend still continues, which impacts the loss of the customers if one doesn’t adopt digital. IT helps to simplify customers’ life, reduce the time consuming, relieves from panic buying, accepting phone orders, etc.,.Digital adoption is indeed required for existence.

What could the IT adoption rate of unorganized retail?

It’s a need of an hour. How much percentage would convert depends on the geographical conditions where the businesses are in right now andhow they react to the situation. This Pandemic patternized the requirement and consumer behavior pattern. The Government also encourages digital inclusion in society. It is the correct time for unorganized retailers to start adopting digital technology. It is indeed required for existence.

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